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As discussed in this blog in the past, doing animated video series in YouTube and other places is a great way to educate and keep customers educated and captivated.  Video marketing takes many forms and often a good educational or demonstrational animated video series is a great way to not only add bulk to your YouTube and other video channels but to keep viewers hooked as the series unfolds.  By hooking them to a series you are demanding more of their time and any video marketer knows that in video marketing the more time a person commits to a video or series the more they identify with your product.

Following are 5 important factors to consider when you are starting an animated video marketing series in YouTube or other channel for your business video marketing campaign.

Make it Sharable

This is really a no brainer because we all know that in video marketing sharability is a must, but you must think well when making it to enhance its chanced to be shared.  You must make it appealing.  The viewer must think that she will be thought of as smart if they share the video and it will add value to her social standing as someone who recognizes and shares value.

Promote Conversations

The video not only must inspire sharability but promote conversation to keep it alive and receive as many back links as possible.  Create conversation by asking a question or ask for feedback or other forms of conversation right on the video.  You also make sure that you post to all media channels to start a conversation there.

Create Interactivity with Your video Audience

SEO Marketers created interactivity with flat text content, so video marketers must do the same one way or another.  A good example of this is Rapper DeStorm Power asking for what content his next wrap should have.  In a business animated video context, you can propose a challenge, give assignments, or cause some form or action from the viewer.

Maintain Consistency

In vide marketing consistency is super important because it creates expectations in repeat viewers.  When doing an animated video series consistency is maintained in many ways.  Not only by releasing the new videos on time, but also maintaining the same style and voice throughout the series.

Targeting Your Audience Correctly

You should have already created personas with the tools we gave you here so targeting the right personas while making the video should be easy.  However, once the video is posted use analytical tools provided by Youtube and other third party providers to make sure you are reaching the right audience.  If not change your video marketing strategies for your animated video series to try to reach the right audience, perhaps by shaping the conversation to match it to the right audience.

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