Simply creating a great video is not enough to ensure its success and that it works for your business.  Video marketing is different than video SEO and they are both needed to get views of your video and make it work for you.  Search Engine Optimization deals with getting the search engines to index you higher in the search engines while video marketing deals with getting viewers to come to your video.  They both accomplish the same thing in the end but they are completely different.

Following are six best practices for video SEO:

Use You Target Keyword Phrase as the Video Name

Videos could be named anything before and they were likely short names for convenience.  However for SEO every little thing counts.  Putting the keyword phrase in the video name in important since the search engines index text and every instance of the keyword phrase on the page is important to your page ranking.  Having the keyword phrase video name indicates to the search engines what the video is about and that the rest of the page it is in which uses the same keyword phrase as the video supports the idea the video is about that keyword phrase. It helps to use dashes between words to make it easier for the search engine to identify the keyword phrase.

Increase Video Viewer Interaction

A great way to increase interaction with the viewer aside from providing them with a great video is to add ratings on the video landing page.  Ratings not only help search engines identify how good a video is but it also has a subtle psychological effect on the user who takes the time to rate and makes them more committed to the video and therefore your business proposition.

Publish the Video to YouTube and Many Other Video Sites

YouTube is indisputably the king of video and most every marketing video should go there to help promote your message.  However, YouTube is not the only video channel in the net and you should spread the video to as many channels as possible since when the search engines find the same video in many different sites it gives it greater importance.  You can use a service like among others to help you do it efficiently!

English: a chart to describe the search engine...

English: a chart to describe the search engine market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Add an mRSS Feed

What is an mRSS feed?  It is a data feed similar to RSS but with extra components that are used for multimedia distribution. It basically tells the search engine that your page has a video and where to find your video.  Every little step you take to help the search engine identify and index your video will help it rank higher.

Include the Metadata when doing Video Distribution

Whenever you are distributing your video to other sites, make sure to distribute your metadata along with it.  Services like Tubemogul will help you do this, but if you are doing it manually do not forget to do it.  Also do not forget to include a link to your site high up in the video description to make it easier for the viewer to reach you.

Make Sure Syndicated Videos Referrals Land on Your Landing Page

Syndicating videos are a great video marketing technique.  However, when using it make sure the syndicated videos refer to your sales landing page so they brand you well.  Also make sure the syndicated videos are not longer than 30 seconds so the traffic does not go away since viewers have a very short attention span.  Video syndication has several meanings in this case it means a video that plays before showing your video.'
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