Corporate videos have many uses but there is data driven corporate video tips that give us an indication of what make a corporate video a good video.  Following we will discuss some of the top tips to make your corporate video a greater success.

Corporate Video Tip 1: Keep your video short

Data indicates that viewers start getting antsy in as little as 10 seconds and that videos over 60 seconds lose a great deal of viewers.  It is super important to keep videos very short, between 30-60 seconds and except for certain kinds of videos that people would expect to be longer, most corporate videos should not go over 60 seconds.

Corporate Video Tip 2: Place your bottom line message at the start and end

Because people lose interest rather quickly place your bottom line message right at the beginning of the video and end with it.  This will make sure if people abandon the video they will at least walk away with your main message.  Corporate videos need to impact viewers very quickly and leave a lasting memory in about 150 words or less.

Corporate Video Tip 3: Make Your Call to Action early and repeat it

The call to action is the most important part of any video.  It is what makes people take action.  Place your call to action early in the video in case they stop watching early and repeat at least two more times including ending with the main message and the call to action.

Corporate Video Tip 4: Use Landing Pages for each video

A corporate video, especially because of its time constraints can be enhanced greatly by a good landing page.  The landing page does not replace the video or pull away from it but it does support it with additional information and a good call to action that makes the video more effective.  Make no mistake the video is still front and center above the fold in the landing page but the design and supportive text and graphics in the landing page can greatly enhance its conversion rate.

Corporate Video Tip 5: The Video must stand on its own In Social Media and Other Channels

Although in your own corporate page you will have a great video landing page, the video itself must be good to stand on its own in other sites.  With social media being one of the main drivers of traffic now a days, the video must have great pull to be watched and shared.  In Youtube the corporate video must also pull on its own.

Corporate Video Tip 6: Measure Everything with Video Analytics

Video analytics is a corporate video’s best friend.  Using video analytics can tell you its effectiveness and perhaps what changes you need to make to the video to make it more effective.  By measuring video watch time for example, you can tell if the viewers are getting to your call to action or main message and adjust the video accordingly. One good way of testing videos affordably is to use to make an animated video and duplicate it into several versions and test each version to know which the best one is.


Corporate Video Tip 7: Use video distribution services to reach a wider audience

Video distribution services such as can be used to spread your video throughout many different services.  These services help also by providing great video analytics.  The best thing about these services is that they can show you a spectrum of analytics across multiple corporate videos you have produced.'
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