Video B2B marketing is no longer relegated to the corporate marketing department.  The sales department also uses b2b online videos to convert sales.  Online videos are more than just branding now a days they are sophisticated sales tools as well.  The data unambiguously points to their effeteness and to the fact they pull high C-suite viewers who prefer them over reading.  B2B video marketing and B2B video sales using online videos is here to stay.

Did you know YouTube is considered the second largest search engine in the world, second only to its parent Google?  The video market is massive and b2b marketing videos are effective and a must have now a days. So many people are searching YouTube because they rather watch a video than read boring text.  As mentioned previously this include decision makers.

Video imparts more information per minute than any other form of media.  Most people are visual and auditory learners and video plays right to those strengths, so it appeals to the widest audience possible online video is especially impacting because online video is so easily accessible.  B2B video marketing is a great support to any other b2b marketing effort but with online video it can also stand on its own as its own form of b2b marketing.

Online video not only has great appeal but people trust it more.  They learn better with online video but they also remember it better and trust it more. Word-of-mouth is still the strongest form of imparting trusted information but according to Marketingsherpa online video is a close second.

Online video propagation too is rising at a fast clip.  Now there are so many more channels than YouTube where you can catch and even curate online videos.  B2b video marketing has never been as productive.  With the advent of mobile you can even find yourself watching video online at Starbucks; and making even down times productive.  Online video is the b2b marketer’s next big frontier.

Even if you do not have videos readily available look through your marketing materials and start repurposing content such as webinars and other materials that can easily be made into video with minimal effort just to start building your offering. can help you immensely by letting you take photos and images and pitches and make an animated video with them in record time and for free.  The important thing is that you start now and grow your offerings quickly so you can engage your customers with the best b2b sales and marketing tool available right now.  Online videos are here to stay for a very long time and leveraging them for your b2b marketing is the responsible thing to do.'
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