Complex B2B Solution Uses Animated Videos to help Close Big Deals

Executive Summary:

Gleaning the Fields (GTF), is a for-profit company specializing in managing corporate donations of product returns, overstock and damaged merchandise to help realize tax savings, reduce landfill waste, and advance humanitarian efforts. Their business represents a totally new model solving a problem that businesses don’t even realize they have. In addition, their solution is complex with multiple stakeholders. They needed a way to engage with key B2B stakeholders that encapsulated their value proposition in a format that was engaging, succinct, and inspired retention and action.

Initially, they began writing white papers, and sending out letters and various types of mailings but this proved to be too cumbersome and did not get good responses. Raw Shorts proved to be an excellent alternative to communicate the company’s value in a short concise manner which drove action and response.

  • Decrease in Costs: Collateral vs. Video
  • Increase in Engagement
  • Large client win

Business executives and even consumers are bombarded with information.   They are less likely to read a brochure, flyer, or lengthy e-mail.


GTF found that it was difficult to connect with the appropriate decision makers for their product and when they did, it was even more difficult to hold their attention long enough to explain a complex solution like the one they were offering. Executives are busy and generally don’t have time to read lengthy white papers or sift through a scattering of mailings. Moreover, GTF’s business model would benefit greatly from referrals and neither of these solutions lended themselves to easily sharing the value GTF was bringing to the table. They needed a tool that could condense a complex topic into something simple, captivating, memorable and easily shared. Enter Raw Shorts.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

Within a week, Raw Shorts enabled GTF to get two critical videos up and live. The first explaining what GTF is about and the value it was offering to potential clients and the second explaining the process a client would need to go through in working with GTF. The cost was low and the turn around time to a live video ready for use was quick.

Prospecting videos are an obvious fit for Raw Shorts, however, I think internal educational videos such as safety procedures, inclusion, diversity, new health care policies, etc., would be great applications also.

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans:

Once GTF had launched their videos, they saw an increase in engagement from clients that had been previously unresponsive. In addition, they began getting approached by investors interested in supporting their venture. They big win however was realized shortly after launching the video. GTF closed a very large client who actually helped them surpass their initial business estimates and begin transitioning their focus into delivery and operations. GTF feels that without the video from Raw Shorts helped initial points of contact share the video and value proposition internally, gain traction, and ultimately see the value of GTFs offering.

Moving forward, GTF plans on promoting environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives targeted it’s client’s customers.  They are also working on a new business segment for eliminating food waste for the grocery industry.

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