Animated Video Explains the Value of a Bookkeeping App to Truck Drivers

Executive Summary:

Per Diem Plus, an automated per diem and expense tracking mobile app for US-based long-haul truck drivers operating in the continental US, Alaska and Canada had a need to explain the value of their product in a quick and simple format that would catch the attention of truck drivers, their target customer. Their first attempt was live action video but they quickly realized it was too slow to produce and too expensive for their budget. They needed an alternative that allowed them to iterate quickly, without technical knowledge, and inexpensively.

  • Decrease in Costs: 98% reduction in cost to produce video
  • Increase in Shares: 5x increase in shares
  • Increase in Views: 13 lifetime views to 25,000 views in 14 days

The video templates streamline the creative process and allow us to focus on messaging.


Per Diem Plus knew they needed video to help explain their product and started with a third-party video production company. What they found was that production time was long and cost was very high.

One video was between $1K – $5K to produce and took 3 months. By the time the video they paid for was ready, they had already launched a new release of the product making the video out-of-date. On top of that, the video they produced did not have the type of engagement they wanted… it needed to be tested and tweaked using data and split testing.

They needed a tool that could pump out multiple videos that could be tested against each other quickly and easily without breaking the bank. Enter Raw Shorts.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

When Per Diem Plus created their Raw Shorts account, they found that it was as easy as ”using Powerpoint or Google Slides”. It eliminated the need for them to think about design and it enabled them to focus on creating the right message.

They were able to split test specific slide and content changes to see how those changes impacted key metrics like view time and sharing. These types of data driven, quick iterations would not have been feasible with live action video.

Since each video costs only a few dollars, we can also AB test video variants to maximize the ROI of our marketing dollars.

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans:

Using Raw Shorts animated videos enabled Per Diem Plus to drive down the cost of creating a video from $1K – $5K to below $20 per video, decrease the time it took to produce a video from 3 months to a few hours, increase sharing of the video 5x, and increase views of the video from 13 total lifetime views to 25,000 views in 14 days.

Moving forward, Per Diem Plus plans to utilize Raw Shorts animated videos in other areas of their business including:

  • New user on-boarding
  • Tutorial videos
  • New product promotion
  • Tradeshow videos'
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