Raw Shorts Animated Videos Boost Organic Reach via Social Media Channels

Executive Summary:

Social Media Angel was looking for low cost, easy to implement ways to increase organic reach for their clients. The natural choice was to expand video content. After having tried and been disappointed with many of the other video editors on the market Social Media Angel decided to go with Raw Shorts.

  • Small learning curve… 30 minutes to first video
  • 20% increase in organic reach

It took me about 30 minutes to create my first video!


Prior to using Raw Shorts, Social Media Angel focused primarily on static images, links, and text posts. They knew there was compelling data around video but could not find the right tools to produce high quality content in a cost effective way.

Live action video was difficult to execute effectively at a price point their clients could manage. They turned to animation and tried a number of video editors but were disappointed in the quality of animation, scope of graphics and templates, and ease with which they could use the platform.

Social Media Angel needed something quick and easy to use that produced high quality animations for a price point that enabled them to pack in their cost to produce the video while still keeping with the client’s desired budget. Enter Raw Shorts.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

Social Media Angel loved the fact that using Raw Shorts was easy. The drag and drop functionality made building a high quality animated video that highlighted pain points and how her clients solved them for customers something they could put together in about 30 minutes.

The end result was a professional looking video that was posted on Facebook and was to capture customer attention in a fun and interesting way. Best of all the price point made it something clients were very interested in.

Drag and drop makes it very cost and time effective for me to produce these little videos.

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans:

Creating the Raw Shorts video was a great revenue opportunity for Social Media Angel but more important than that, it helped to drive a 20% increase in organic reach. Increased organic reach means less spending on post boosting and paid ads for our clients.

Moving forward, Social Media Angel is not only planning to use these service for future clients but to create Raw Shorts videos for their own services and utilize those to drive leads by increase conversion rates on their website and capturing leads from Facebook posts and video ads.

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