You’re ready to create a video for your site and have a rock-solid concept in mind. But while “content is king,” there are a few other essential elements you need to include you may not be aware of. To make sure your video has maximum impact, always include these ten things.

Create a Video with These Ten Components

High-Quality Video and Audio

Because your video represents your brand, quality matters. No matter how amazing the content of your video, your viewers’ perception of your brand is impacted by the audio and video quality. Make sure your audio is clear, your image sharp (HD is best), and angles flattering. You can also use stock photos and videos to get that professional appearance without the need for high-end equipment or production teams

The Correct Orientation

Know where you’re planning to place your video and create it with the correct orientation in mind. A landscape orientation is most appropriate for most videos, but some website ads or social media posts need a square orientation, and mobile or sidebar videos should be vertical.

An Attention-Grabbing Intro

Attention spans are getting shorter every year, and if you don’t grab your viewer’s attention within the first ten seconds, it’s likely that they won’t watch much further.

An Emotional Connection

Make an emotional connection with your viewer immediately. This doesn’t mean you have to tug at their heartstrings, but you need to appeal to their emotions in some way. Whether you’re solving a problem, telling a story, or just providing hilarity for entertainment, make it clear to the viewer right away why they should continue watching.

A Clear Purpose

Make sure your video is clear, concise, and does not stray from its intended purpose. The viewer should have a clear understanding of why they’re watching the video – from start to end. Don’t confuse them with unnecessary content.

An Intentional Preview Image

Don’t let your video platform automatically select the static preview image associated with your video. Depending on where your video is housed it may auto-play, or it may simply display the static image. Always be intentional about the static image that displays, and make sure it entices a viewer to watch the full video.

Your Watermark Logo

When you upload your video you’ll probably include protections so it can’t be downloaded and re-used. However, with technology always advancing you can never guarantee that somebody won’t steal your video. Make sure you include your watermarked logo throughout the video in a place that cannot be easily cropped.


 If your video is heavy on audio, consider including captions. Up to 85% of viewers don’t turn on the sound, so captions ensure your message gets across even if your video is muted.

Your Website Info

Your video may be housed on your site, but with the ability to embed you may be surprised where else it pops up on the web. Always include your website or other contact information at the end of your video so if it piques the interest of someone who’s not viewing it on your site, they know where to find you.

Call to Action. Always include a call to action at the end of your video. Whether it’s “Follow me on Facebook” or “Call today for your free consultation,” prompt the viewer to take the action that you’d like.

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