Corporate Video Marketing
Corporate Video Marketing

Corporate video watching will rise steadily each year.  By 2016 the audience for video is expected to double to more than 1.6 billion.  Companies will rely more and more on video marketing to tell their story.  Corporate videos and corporate brand videos will be an integral part of the overall marketing campaign and video marketing will eventually require its own department because it will be the biggest brand promoter and the most important tool in a marketing landing page.

Corporate videos come in many forms and they each do a great job at enhancing company branding and to convert sales in video landing pages.  Make and animated video and it can brand your company and may even go viral such as the Chipotle video.  But you can make an animated video that is much simpler with services such as that is faster and easier to make and even free or super low cost.  You do not need to make an animated video that eats up your budget or requires many professional animators, you can do one yourself.  The speed of content production now demands that many videos be made fast and on budget and services like Raw Shorts can help you.  Another form of video you can make is the long form (longer than 60 seconds) live action video such as Westjet emotional video.  Or perhaps the super long form Worn Wear video that tells the story of what we wear.  Then there is the popular explainer video that brands, informs, and promotes your product well.  Explainer videos are usually animated videos and are relatively easy to make fast.

There is no limit to the types of corporate videos that a company can make.  If the budget was no object huge production videos can do great corporate branding and corporate promotion.  However, keep in mind that video watchers do not mind quickly thrown together videos as long as they bring some value.  With video it is all about the value and the volume.  The more value you give and the more valuable driven videos you have the more your videos will impact your corporate branding.  While huge beautiful and lavish productions are great, a larger number of very specifically targeted promotional videos, explainer videos, and corporate branding videos can have a greater overall impact.  The important thing is to jump in the video bandwagon because it is here to stay.

Make an animated video, make a live action video, make a corporate branding video, make an explainer video—you need them all in your corporate marketing campaign.  Just remember to include videos everywhere and in as much content as you can. Videos pull viewers like moth to a flame and makes them sticky like flypaper because they entertain, inform, and brand more effectively than any other type of content.

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