Small business owners need videos that are flexible and smartly priced.

Executive Summary:

Aven Fine Home Furnishings is a family-owned, retail furniture store in southern California that was established in 1937. Aven carries big, brand name furniture for all rooms of the house including the bedroom, dining room, home office, home entertainment, living room and family room. Video has been an important part of Aven’s marketing mix but their video agency made some changes to the account team and they needed to change agencies. Unfortunately, the new agency they started working with just didn’t “get” what Aven needed. As a result, Aven started looking for other options. They needed a solution that was flexible, fit their budget, and didn’t use the owner as the talent (a huge time suck). Results:

  • Decrease in costs: Video Agency Fees vs. $12 / video
  • Improved video messaging: No more back and forth with account managers
  • Save time: Videos can now be created in less than an hour

“We are saving hundreds every month.”


Aven is a heavy video user (they have made over 142 videos) for their business. Most of these videos have been with Robert, the owner, as a talking head. They use these videos on their website and in Facebook boosts, and all other varieties of social media advertising. It’s clear that videos get more attention than any other type of posting. The Aven team was having difficulty dealing with the traditional method of video production with the video agency they had been using. They needed to produce entertaining videos on THEIR schedule,  and deliver a nuanced message that only the Aven leadership team really seemed to know how to deliver. They needed flexibility but did not want to break the bank. Enter Raw Shorts.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

Raw Shorts was a super intuitive tool that the Aven team could use with almost zero learning curve. Now the Aven team can produce their message quickly without the endless back and forth with the video editor to get ads up and live on their schedule. In addition to the huge decrease in price, the videos are in a more interesting format that Aven and their customers love!

“I can now produce my message without the endless back and forth with the video editor to get my ads up”

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans:

The Raw Shorts animated video builder enabled Aven Fine Home Furnishings to save hundreds of dollars every month on their video campaign production costs while expanding the number quality videos they created. In addition, they have been able to fine-tune the messaging in the videos all while decreasing the turnaround time to less than an hour.

In 2017, Aven plans to use a Raw Shorts video for every promotion they carry which is estimated to be about 20 to 30 new videos over the year.

Want to create your own animated videos? Visit Raw Shorts:

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