Animated videos get staff excited and prepared for Staff Development Day

Executive Summary:

Tonya Hensley, the Brown County Public Library Manager for the Georgetown branch was looking for a fun way to prepare her team for Staff Development Day. Part of Staff Development Day was getting the team excited and enthusiastic but another big part was to make sure they had all the information they needed to be successful on that day. Tonya felt that a short animated video was the best approach. Results:

  • Great feedback from staff coming into the meeting
  • Excellent retention of important staff development information
  • Excitement about the upcoming year

“Customer service was great! I had a question and got a reply right away helping to resolve my issue.”


In previous years, for Staff Development Day the library had used PowerPoint slides and PDF flyers. Unfortunately, these tools did not engage the team and as a result, important information was overlooked. This resulted in staff members missing valuable information that would contribute to their experience of the day’s events. For Tonya, this was totally unacceptable. Staff Development Day was a time to get excited and she wanted a tool that could convey that emotion. Enter Raw Shorts.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

When Tonya found Raw Shorts, explored the site and saw the tutorials show what she could do with the editor, there was no question. She loved the templates and the variety of animated characters she was able to use. In addition, she appreciated the control she had to customize each scene to exactly what she wanted.

“Customer service was great! I had a question and got a reply right away helping to resolve my issue.”

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans:

Within about 2 hours, the Tonya was able to go in and create a video using the premium animated scenes and characters to make a Staff Development Day prep video she was happy with. She uploaded this video to YouTube then sent the approximately 35 staff members an email asking them to watch the video prior to attending Staff Development Day as there was important information they needed to know. By the time Staff Development Day had arrived, spirits where high and the team was prepared with the information they needed. On top of that, the library manager got great feedback from the team about how awesome the video was!

The next videos on her list are Staff Development Day next year and training reminder videos… for now.