Make a web video for your blogs, as an explainer video, as a sales video, as a training video, basically for every occasion.  The web is full of content and you must differentiate yourself to give yourself an advantage.  Make a web video for every piece of content and make your content stand out.

Why a web video?  Well, video is the most consumed and most popular type of content on the net and when you make a web video you provide that extra incentive and support for your content consumers.  Video does not just speak a thousand words it speaks millions of word and when you make a web video for your content you let it speak louder and richer than the words that you write.  You support your points visually and bring attention to your content since having a video ranks you higher in search returns.

How can you afford to make a web video for every piece of content?  Well, services like can help.  They allow you to make animated videos for any occasion and type of video.  You not only make web videos that enhance your content but you can do it for free or as little as $8 per video.  Giving you content a leg up by using Raw Shorts makes sense especially since it is free.  Aside from being free it also provides thousands of free images and professional video templates to make sure you can make web videos with ease.  The great thing about making web videos with Raw Shorts is that you just need to outline your content, choose a few images and make an animated video in minutes.  The very little extra time you spend will pay you back in the visibility the animated video will bring your content.

Making a web video is not only something recommended by every online marketer but also it’s easy to make, free, and takes relatively little time to produce.  There is no reason why you cannot use to make a web video for every occasion.  Nothing can make your content look better than to make an animated video for it and create that extra spark for it that puts it over the top and gives you a great SEO pop.

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