Ever wanted to make animated videos for business purposes yet you were held back by fears of cost and the blow of time that is required to make most professionally produced videos?  Well now with Raw Shorts you can make animated videos for business easily, quickly, and for free or very low cost.  What is more you can skip over the time blowing and huge costs of professionally produced videos and still achieve professional quality videos on your own. Whether you are making corporate branding videos, explainer videos, product demo videos, blog supporting videos, or simply animating infographics videos, among others, Raw Shorts can help you make a high quality animated video.

Don’t know the first thing about how to make an animated video?  No problem, the web video you will make online is super easy to make and requires no special knowledge to make.  In fact if you know how to use MS PowerPoint you know how to make these powerful professional quality online videos.  All it takes is organizing the content just as if you were going to do a PowerPoint presentation and you can start creating the video quickly.  In fact you can easily adapt any existing presentation, infographics, marketing materials, and other existing materials to organize and map out the video.  Since http://rawshorts.com allows you to organize each frame of the video very similarly to PowePoint, you have very little new to learn if you already know how to use this commonly used program.

One of the greatest things possible with Raw Shorts is that when you make animated videos for business you have the ability to tweak and change the video endlessly.  This allows you to do A B testing for the marketing web videos you produce and get them just right.  Since you can duplicate the videos you have the ability to update them easily anytime as well.  Also because you may have different benefits to showcase you can create several versions of the video with different benefits.  Similarly since you likely have many business personas you are trying to reach you can easily make business animated videos for each persona and cover all of your basis.  Not only does Raw Shorts save you great expense but because you can duplicate and reuse the core template for the video you save oodles of time.

When you make a web video for business you are creating the most effective promotion and educational tool for the web.  Videos have more appeal than any other kind of internet content.  Make business animated videos for all benefits, all business personas, explainer videos, and even blog videos. You can make a business animated video so quickly that you can even use videos as responses to questions and comments from viewers.  Raw Shorts makes it supremely easy and fast to make animated business videos and for the right cost, free to as little as $8 per video.  You cannot go wrong and you are able to get started right away without friction, not even cost friction.

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