If a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints a million. If you want to make animations online you may feel lost because you do not have any video or animation skills.  But you can easily and quickly make animations online using services like Raw Shorts.  What is best about Raw Shorts itself is that it is also free to use or as little as $8 per video.  This is the most affordable way to make animations online!

Animated videos tell a story way better than simple pictures can and sometimes even better than live action videos.  You can in fact project ideas way better than any live action video can using an animated video. You can make animations online for such things as explainer videos, animated infographics, marketing videos, demo videos, and much more.  Video animation lends itself to almost all types of business video applications.

If you have never made an animated video before, you will be completely surprised that you can produce a great professional quality animated video in just a few minutes.  You can use marketing materials you already have, images you already have, infographics, and much more as your starting materials.  No need to reinvent the wheel, the beauty of making animations online is that you do not have to start from scratch or know how to make animations.  Raw Shorts lets you organize the materials in cells that animate themselves with just your instructions.  By allowing you to rehash existing marketing materials and animating them, this tool can save you a great deal of time and costs while making you into a professional quality animator.  Making animations online for business never got easier and it cannot get cheaper than free!

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Raw Shorts gets you started with thousands of free images and many premium images.  However, one of their best timesavers is their video templates.  With these video templates you can produce your video in record time. Just modify them a little and you have a video potentially in minutes.  Need additional royalty free images?  Well Raw Shorts provides those as well.  Raw Shorts is a complete tool for you to make animations online.

When you make animations online you are joining the league of businesses that use video marketing effectively to market, promote, and sell themselves.  Making animations online just makes complete sense since video sells more than any other content product.  With Raw Shorts you do not need any special equipment, a large crew, or video experts to make animated videos.  You can do it all on your own and for free.

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