Facebook Video has exploded in popularity.  It is approaching and may soon surpass YouTube video uploads.  However as a video marketer when you make a web videos you need to consider uploading them to YouTube first.  The several reasons for this are explained below.

Facebook Video is Trending like a Bullet but YouTube Can Be Monetized

Currently Facebook does not have the same web video statistics and it does not have a monetization scheme in place.  When you make web videos you really do need these statistics and for many of you who may make entertainment videos, monetization is essential.  Making web videos now a days means more than just making the video, you must consider many things including the best way to bring it traffic so it works for you.  One of the ways it can work for you is to pay you when it is very popular and only YouTube has an effective monetization tool that you achieve this intent.  It also has better analytics for your web video.

Promoting You Web video in YouTube is More Cost Effective

Make it and they will come doesn’t quite happen for most video on the web.  Promoting your video is often necessary unless it takes off like a bullet in social media, which is still rare.  TrueView from YouTube charges you only if the video receives a click.  It can show many times but you are only charged if someone interacts with it.  You make a web video for your business so it can be seen but you also have a budget and you must stretch your dollars as much as possible. Therefore YouTube is the most cost effective place to promote it since with Facebook the video plays right away without sound and you get charged right away.

YouTube Has Doubled its Video Upload While Facebook is still Catching Up

While Facebook has a fantastic video upload growth of about 75%, it is still nowhere near YouTube. A growth of 75% is impressive but it pales in comparison to 200% growth which is what YouTube has achieved.  When you make a web video consider the top upload site first, because on top of all of that, once you upload to YouTube it is super easy for you to disseminate your web video to many other sites include Facebook.  What is worse uploading to Facebook only or to Facebook as well also decreases your YouTube ranking which means you will not show up as high on the search returns since your video will play less in YouTube. If it played from Facebook it would count towards its YouTube ranking if it was shared from YouTube.

Facebook Video is still a great tool and at some point will surely rank equal to YouTube.  It is worth considering as part of your video marketing campaign since you do gain some features by uploading directly. However, YouTube is still king at this point and should be considered first for all of your web videos.

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