Video marketing is not easy but it is quite rewarding.  As a video marketer when you do it right and you get a runaway hit, it can be quite thrilling!  However, one of the most important trends, and actually a necessity now, is that you must produce multiple videos and other materials to account for the various watching styles, personas, and to keep them short and to the point.  It is hard enough to produce a single video, but producing several variations can not only be costly but very time consuming.  Now every blog, every social media posting, and really any content wants to be and indeed needs to be enhanced and supported by a video to give it a greater chance of being consumed.  Video marketing is getting more complex and it is taking a greater load of resources to accomplish right, but the results are getting better when done right!

Video templates are an amazing way for video marketers to get their video marketing done in record time.  There are many video templates in YouTube but they require more professional skills than many video marketers in smaller companies have.  They also require greater costs to produce.  However companies such as have pre-made video templates for many uses and many industries. With these templates video marketers can create videos in just minutes simply by plugging in the information the templates require.  Video marketing never got easier than when using video templates!

Video marketing requires more than just video templates, it also requires the ability to easily edit and modify videos to segment it for the various watching styles and personas.  Here Raw Shorts helps as well since once a video is made it can easily be copied and modified in minutes as well.  Modify and save each new version easily–and what is best for free!  The second equation of the difficulties with video marketing being the cost, well with Raw Shorts there is no cost.  If you upgrade the cost is just as low as $8 per video which can easily be afforded by the smallest startup companies and video marketers everywhere.

Finally you can make video templates of your own and save and modify them at will.  By taking the time to create custom video templates for your own needs you can expedite future video production projects and it is still free to do this as well.  Creating your own video templates is smart and can allow you to adapt at the speed of the internet when doing your video marketing.  But beyond video marketing you can easily support any piece of content with a quick video that will enhance it and increase its appeal.

There are many good reasons for video marketers to use video templates to expedite both time cost and actual costs of videos.  Video templates from Raw Shorts is a great start.  But even if Raw Shorts is not used, creating custom video templates is the smartest thing a video marketer can do to make her or his life easier!'
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