Video marketing is widely known for the work done online and in mobile, but while the benefits of videomail is also quite well know, it is so underutilized it can be regarded as a secret.  Video marketers are well aware of the amazing pop that videomail can give their video marketing campaigns.  The issues is that using it is a little more complicated than traditional video marketing techniques and therefore it is not used as often as it should be.  While the difficulties are slightly more difficult it should be added to any business video marketing campaign because it works better than any other type of email marketing.

No other marketing technique can generate as much response from email users as video marketing or audio marketing.  If video marketers want to increase the View Through Rate (VTR) then videomail is the answer as nothing else increases VTR as much as videomail.  Now a days who wants to read when they can watch a video?  If an image speaks 1000 words, a video speaks a million words and it engages email users much more than anything else being used today.

It used to be that making video and especially animated video was hard, but now there is no excuse.  Not only is placing videos on websites easy, but making them is just as easy.  There are many ways to record videos including those provided directly by YouTube and other software for live recordings.  Now there are also many services such as which allow anyone with no animated video making skills to make professional quality animated videos—and their services are free.  So the entry into video marketing and videomail is very low.  The only thing that remains is making the video thumbnail for the email and this too is easy with services such as making these thumbnails is also easy.  There is no reason whatsoever not to engage in videomail marketing.

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Here are some additional benefits to using videomail in your video marketing campaigns:

Hard Statistics Proves it Works—There is no guess or gut feelings needed to understand that videomail works.  There are hard statistics that prove it does.  Not only do they prove it but they show huge gains from it.

People Prefer Video Over Reading—Statistically 70%+ of executives prefer videos over reading.  General statistics of other populations express even stronger correlations.  Think about it yourself, would you rather watch a video or read?  Case closed!

Video Mail Saves Time and Money—creating and optimizing an SEO page takes time and, therefore, costs more.  Making simple informal videos or even quick animated videos using services such as is quicker and cheaper as their services are free.  Making the video thumbnail is also super easy to make with Canva.

It is Effective for Mass Marketing—video marketing is super effective because it is well received.  However, it is also super effective because it is easy to post in social networks and create a short message in Twitter where message size is super constrained—just use a few words and link to the video and you are done.

It Greatly Improves Search Ranking—because it is so easy to use in mass marketing, it also is very good for search rankings.  Since links in the postings return to your website, the search engines will notice the backlink and credit you.

Videomail is a magnificent tool for video marketers to improve their video marketing campaigns.  It is seldom used and it is almost like a secret because of that.  However with low entry barrier and tools such as and doing videos and using them in marketing campaigns is easy, fast, and free—and require very little skills in these areas from the users.  Start using Videomail today to shoot your VTR through the roof!

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