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For Businesses
& Startups

Whether you're an established business or a hot new start-up video is a must have and Raw Shorts makes it easy for you to start producing the kinds of videos your business needs to communicate your core functions and services.

For Marketing Professionals

Video is the fastest growing category in online advertising and marketers all around are taking notice. No other medium can communicate as much information in so little time and convert more customers than video.

For Education
& Training

Captivate your audience / students with the power of video! Raw Shorts makes it easy for you start to creating animated video presentations that keep your students engaged and make learning fun!.

Over 1000 Royalty Free Graphics!

Select from hundreds of professionally designed, drag and drop templates, scenes, characters, graphics and animated elements all royalty free! Our media library also includes industry specific icons sets for: Real Estate, Travel, Health & Medical, Business & Productivity, Construction, Education and lots more!

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