Earlier this year we were able to chat with Nicole Bailey of Enable Professional Services a consultancy based down in Sydney, Australia.

Without Rawshorts, we would not be able to achieve the success we have to be one of Asia Pacific most awarded, largest and most certified service now partner Click To Tweet

Enable specializes in sreamlining processes and instituting new technologies for organizations to improve their business.

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Enable Professional Services used Raw Shorts to improve business practices

We’d like to thank Nicole for this case study, and feel free to reach her via Linkedin.

A quick summary about Enable Professional Services

A quick summary provided by Nicole

Enable Professional Services is the most qualified, certified and capable. ServiceNow partner in the APJ region. This success comes from our focus on achieving customer success and working with businesses to do things they’ve never done before.

We have all the usual achievements (yep, we’re a multi-award-winning Elite partner of ServiceNow). But we’re proud of the above-and-beyond things too, like our CSAT score of 9.5 across 50+ projects.

What Kind of Challenges Did Raw Shorts Help Enable Solve

We are a professional services business, typically so many professional services business struggle to demonstrate value or business solutions without the need for face to face meetings with a sales team.

We needed a way to tell a story that would resonate with our customers.

What were the problems they were facing and how could we solve them. We wanted to tell a story and Rawshorts helped us, we chose two types of videos, one a demonstration of our products and one an explainer video, that highlights the issue, the solution and the general feeling of success we know our clients can achieve with our services.

What Were Some of the Goals That Raw Shorts Help Enable Reach?

Enable used Raw Shorts to meet these KPIs:

  • Convert potential Customers to Customers
  • Improve our pipeline of customers
  • Win awards for our services

Here’s another one of the many videos Enable used to meet these goals.


Video has become a highly valuable part of our marketing mix, and storytelling is a highly important part of our marketing journey supporting our mature go to market strategy.

Without Rawshorts, we would not be able to achieve the success we have to be one of Asia Pacific most awarded, largest and most certified ServiceNow Partner.

Future plans to use video and what else can Raw Shorts be doing to create a better experience?

Continue to use Rawshorts in the medium to long term to present new products and services to the market.

What Raw Shorts Video has Helped you out the Most?

We prepared a product and utilised Rawshorts to present the now award winning app to the audience. Rawshorts provided a level of polish other competitors were lacking and has been attributed, in part, to the win.

Are You Using Raw Shorts to Generate More Business?

Let us know if you have a similar story to Enable, and what we can do to create a better experience for you. We hope that you are surpassing KPIs and reaching new heights.

If  you aren’t let us know what we can do to help your business out with ai-generated videos.

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