There are several other tips about video SEO backlinks that you can find in the first installment of this video SEO backlinks which you can find here:  There are many SEO techniques to promote your video using video SEO good practices.  While the video itself does not have text that can decipher it meaning to search engine, its title and description do.  But another great tool to use is video SEO backlinks to get long-lasting traffic for your videos.  Video marketing is multidimensional in all that you must do to get traffic to your videos and video SEO backlinks are a great tool to use.  Please make sure to use white hat SEO techniques only.

Here are some white hat SEO techniques that are effective in creating video SEO backlinks:

Press Releases Still Work

Although most people think press releases are dead with the advent of the internet, they are not and they are very useful.  The press release itself can be a source of one video SEO backlink to your video so be sure to include the link to the video directly in the press release.  Another reason for doing this is that some bloggers and reporters will simply grab the press release itself and repost it so you want to have your link there.  There are many press release sites that will distribute your press release for free, some of these are: PRLeap, 1888PressReleases, 24-7PressRelease, and ClickPress.

Network and Social Links

Posting links in networks such as forums and in social networks is still very effective.  Forums, blogs, and other sites that have content related to your video are a great source of video SEO backlinks.  They are appropriate and usually have a high ranking, and they can generate a greater interest since your video SEO backlinks are seen by people interested in the subject matter of your video.  You can do it manually or you can also use services that post for you in many places such as (see I just created a backlink to them).  Social networks are not always cataloged by Google and other search engines, however, they are still a good source of distribution of links and videos themselves since videos are some of the most popular forms of content on these networks; and people that like the video or the link to the video will share it if they like it.

Give Something Away to Create Backlinks

We talk a great deal here about reusing materials instead of reinventing the wheel with each piece of content.  One way to get backlinks for a video is to create a great and free ebook. Since the video already well organized and you have done all the research and work for it, creating an ebook for it or another piece of free content such as a presentation, webinar, or even infographic making these materials will be relatively easy.  Doing this giveaway gives you an additional bonus which is capturing emails and other user information.  However, if people like it they will link back to your video page when they tell others about your ebook and that will help your video SEO backlink efforts.

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