There are many more than ten type of animated marketing videos that you can make.  However, in this article we will feature what we consider 5 of the top 10.  Starting with one of the most used animated video marketing videos of all times, the explainer video and moving down the line to a variety of other types of videos that cover almost every multimedia content type.

Animated marketing videos are not only the rage currently but they are also quite useful and require less preparation in many cases than other types of videos.  In fact these animated marketing videos can be made with existing content, even a related compilations of phones such as the photo montage videos.  Please note make of these marketing videos are perfect for repurposing existing content and saving a great deal of time.

5 valuable types of animated marketing videos


Sales and Marketing Videos

Video is the perfect media for marketing and sales departments to exercise their craft.  Animated video marketing can be used by each department in slightly different yet complementary ways.  Because the videos are animated they offer more choice and allow greater creativity.  Using a service like to make these animated videos not only saves money but saves time as well.

Launch Series Videos

These videos should really be called pre-launch videos since they tend to create a buzz and support the launch of a product or offer.  They are using launched in a series of 3-4 prior to the big reveal video. They usually take the form of informational video and related materials video that build the expectation for a launch making them great animated marketing videos that great expectations.

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Video Testimonials

Testimonials do not always have to be live action.  Online testimonials that are submitted by users do not usually have a video in them.  But they do usually have a photo and the quote.  Compiling a few of these user testimonials into an animated video can show how many people care about your product or offer and if chose correctly tell a great deal about your offer.

Teaching Videos

While teaching videos are usually recorded lectures or webinars, they can also be produced with animated videos by creating a synopsis of a longer content in a more entertaining way than the original live recording.  These animated marketing videos hit on the sailing points and can actually be used as a teaser to the full live version recording.

Email Video

Making animated email videos with Raw Shorts can increase email engagement quite a bit.  In fact it is one of the biggest lead conversion tools for email engagement.  Animated marketing videos are especially powerful because they can be sent out more often since they can be quicker and cheaper than other types of videos.  Using animate email video is a great tool for email marketers.'
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