As discussed in this blog in the past, doing animated video series in YouTube and other places is a great way to educate and keep customers educated and captivated.  Video marketing takes many forms and often a good educational or demonstration animated video series is a great way to not only add bulk to your YouTube and other video channels but to keep viewers hooked as the series unfolds.  By hooking them to a series you are demanding more of their time and any video marketer knows that in video marketing the more time a person commits to a video or series the more they identify with your product.

In this the second part of the series, we will explore 5 additional important factors to consider when you are starting an animated video marketing series in YouTube or another channel for your business video marketing campaign.

Sustainability: Make Sure You Keep Them Watching

Creating the first video and having it do well does not guarantee that the other business animated videos will also do well.  Makes sure the each business video in the series keeps the momentum the first started.  Distractions abound online, so make sure you keep them hooked throughout the series by keeping it fresh, interesting, and valuable.

Discoverability—Use SEO on All Video Marketing Supporting Materials

Video marketing is no different than any other content marketing. You must keep SEO in mind for all supporting text content for the video.  Start with a killer video title but make sure it has relevant keywords to attract the search engines as well.  Next consider the video description, keep using the right keywords as if the description was for an SEO Optimized page.  If you have a landing page for the video, let it support the video for the viewers but also make it SEO optimized.  Video marketing is more than the video as the noise ratio for video is so high that you must help it be discovered. Finally, whenever possible make the video have evergreen content so it continues to work year after year!

Self-Contained Accessibility—Each Video in the Series Must Stand on Its Own

Video marketers should know that in video marketing, each video must stand on its own.  Even if it is in a series, each video must have a complete value proposition and stand by itself because you never know in what order the video will be viewed.  Of course, you want to promote the series and mention this video is just one in a series so they watch the entire series.  However, the video itself must be able to satisfy the same requirements for any business marketing video, series or not.

Cross Promotion and Collaboration—Use Other Creators’ Audience

In video marketing, no business is an island.  Whenever possible collaborating with other creators of similar, but not competing content, is advisable.  By collaborating with them, cross promotion can occur and a new audience that may never have found you will find you.  Make sure the other content creator will actively promote the video as you will actively promote their video.

Captivate and Inspire Your Viewers

Video marketing is about thrilling the viewer to keep them coming back for more.  Captivating their attention and holding them with inspiring value-laden content is one of the best way to keep the viewer for the long term.  When they know your videos offer great value they will follow you closely.  Thrilling the audience starts with the video marketer’s passion so that it comes out in the video and the video supporting content.  So be inspired to captivate your audience!

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