When you are looking to create an explainer video, business video, or any other kind of animated video you may think you need a professional video producer to do that job, but you don’t.  Rawshorts will allow anyone with basic skills to create a professional video in a record amount of time for free or a nominal fee.  Following are 5 reason for why Rawshorts is the right choice for you.

Many Templates to get You Started

Rawshorts has many pre-configured animated templates which allow you to plug and play your content and finish a video in minutes.  You just have to watch the template and shape the content to the template and in just minutes you have a professional quality video with your personalize content.  It could not be easier.  To see the many templates click here.  Rawshorts also offers you hundreds of video quality images including many animated images and animated backgrounds to make your videos stand out and make creating your video super easy.

Premium Quality for Free

All our templates are premium quality similar to what any professional video producer can produce.  The difference is that our templates are free to use.  There are some premium upgrades you may want to take advantage of but for as little as $8 you can produce a video that is indistinguishable from a professionally produced explainer video.

Rawhorts Fits Any Budget

Does zero cost fit your budget?  Well you can create many videos for zero cost if you do not mind our cobranded message.  Even if you do not want our co-brand on your video it will cost you as little as $8 per explainer video or any other type of video you wish to make.  At most it will cost you $20 per video.  Can you afford free? Can you afford $20 for a professional quality video that has the potential to bring you huge traffic and convert customers?  We think you can.  Rawshorts definitely fits any budget!

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Rawshorts is Super Easy for Anyone to Use

If you have basic MS Office skills you can create professional quality videos.  Rawshorts works similarly to MS Powepoint so it is easy to create the video one slide at the time.  After you have created your script, putting you video together will be super fast and you can easily create a 2 minute video is just a few hours.   Rawshorts can allow anyone with basic computer skills to become a top video producer.

Make Many Versions of a Video for All Audiences in a Hollywood Minute

Most explainer videos are highly focused on at most three problems they solve.  However many products have more than 3 problems they solve and they really need more than one explainer video to explain them all.  Most products also have at least 2-3 audiences that they need to attract.  All of these issues require creating many videos to enhance the product and increase its marketability.  Rawshorts allows you to easily make variations of any video by simply copying the original and making the changes without having to create a brand new video with similar content.  So in just minutes you can create several versions of a video from an original production.  Not only is it easy but at an average cost of $4000 per professional explainer video production it can save you a huge amount since it will cost you next to nothing compared to just producing one video!


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