We already discussed Video SEO Best Practices and Video Statistics that tell you why video marketing is so important and how to get search engines to send viewers using video SEO.  We have even discussed Video Email Marketing so that you can cover all aspects of video marketing.  Now we will give you 5 tips on how to get your business video viewers to take action on your video once they arrive at your video landing page.

Tip 1: Use Multiple Calls to Action in the Video and Supporting Text

A business marketing video must have at least one call to action.  Most people put the call to action at the end.  However, in a video when you are not sure how much of the video the viewer will end up watching the call to action best practice is to put a call to action every about 1/4 of the video to be sure to capture their action if they do not watch the video all the way through.  The multiple calls to action will work for you even if they do not finish the video.  Be sure to end strong with a final call to action as is customary, please do not forget this final call to action.

Tip 2: Have a Borderless Video

Videos normally have a border when displayed in a page.  It makes it stand out a bit and separates it from the rest of the content.  However, research has discovered that borderless videos engage the visitors even more. Borderless videos have been shown to increase conversion rates.

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Tip 3: Video Vertical Prominence is Useful

Video Vertical Prominence is important to highlight the presence of the video.  By not having anything above the video (except perhaps the title) you are emphasizing the video and attracting more attention to it.  The viewer is presented immediately with the most important piece of content in the page, the video.

Video camera in action.

Video camera in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tip 4: Video Transcript

You have seen it many times when you have visited video interview sites and other primarily video marketing site, they all have a transcript of the video.  Video transcripts are not only useful for the user but presented correctly they are also great for video SEO.  Having video transcripts on the video landing page has been shown to increase interaction.


Tip 5: Keep Video Length as Short as Possible

The rule of thumb is that marketing videos should not go over 90 seconds.  However, the shorter the video the more viewers will respond to it.  Already at 10 seconds viewers with short attention spans will stop watching so make your first 10 seconds a strong hook.  The longer the video plays the more viewers it will lose.  At 60 seconds many viewers have been lost and over 90 seconds the majority of viewers will be gone.  Does this mean that you should never make longer videos?  No, it means that for strong marketing videos the videos should be under 60 seconds and closer to 30 seconds, but for other types of videos such as explainer videos and demonstrations video, they can be slightly longer as much as 3 minutes.

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Getting video viewers to your video landing page is hard but there are many techniques we have already discussed to get them to the page.  Keeping them on the video landing page and interesting them in watching the video all the way through requires additional strategies discussed above.

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