Explainer videos must be relatively short and convey a great deal of information in a concise manner while also having a great call to action at the end to convert the viewer.  Obviously every company and product are different but the videos themselves have five common topics that must be addressed to make it effective and help convert viewers.  Professional explainer videos are super expensive to produce and there are plenty of pitfalls in making them but these tips will help the video work better for you by making it a marketing tool while saving costs! Below are six tips on how to make an explainer video.

Explainer Video Production Tip #1
Define your target audience and your target user

Many executives with great products when asked who their customers is say “everyone”, but this is seldom the case.  Even Facebook who is technically open to everyone is not for everyone.  So when thinking of who your audience is create a persona of whom you are targeting.  The usual rule of thumb is that if they are the ones paying for your product, they are your target audience.  However, your target audience my not be the final user of your product so you must also address the final user.  For example a parent can buy a product for their children or a sales manager may buy the product for their salespeople.  Be sure to include both in your targeting because it will heavily dictate the video content.


Explainer Video Production Tip #2
Define the pain point you are solving And what is their breaking Point

Pain points are like a corn in your foot, you can go a while with the discomfort but you will not buy a relief for it until it becomes too much.  Almost anyone can take a certain level of annoyance and put up with small pains they can forgive but at some point, those pains cause them to act and find a solution to stop them.  Your video must let them know what pain points it resolves and address at what point they need to act.

Explainer Video ProductionTip #3
Describe your Customer’s main goal in using your product and how it helps them solve their pain points

Customers need to know you understand their pain points, their needs, and their goals.  Help them understand how your product meets their goals and helps them resolve their pain points.  Let them know how good life will be after resolving their problems.  Show them that your product helps them evolve past their pain points and opens up new possibilities they may not have considered.

Explainer Video Production #4
Define your product and what it resolves in 140 characters or Less

Twitter has a great benefit in that it helps to focus a message.  By focusing your message you can create a tighter easier to understand explainer video.  Try focusing more by doing it in 12 words or less or even 75 characters or less.  The more you focus your product’s pain point and solution the easier it will be to create your video script.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to tell them everything just tell them enough and leave them wanting more so they take the call the action at the end of the video.  If your product has many different audiences and resolves many different problems consider doing multiple videos, but keep each video focused.  If you want to produce a professional video with a general theme but also have many more versions to cover all of the different audiences or solutions consider using RawShorts to make the additional videos by yourself. It is Free to get started!

Explainer Video Production #5
consider your Sales Call to Action Carefully and include it in the video

Explainer videos are more than just a way to explain your products they are a sales tool as well.  Unless you are doing a vanity video, after you get your audience excited you get them to take an action that leads them to your sales funnel.  There are many types of call to actions that you can try from simply putting contact information at the end which is not very active to offering something in exchange for their contact information and several others in between.  Choose the right one for your situation but make sure to always include a call to action.

Explainer Video  Production Bonus Tip #6
After you create your video script, use free video production tool to fine tune your message and save money

As mentioned before professionally producing a video can be quite expensive but there are ways for you to produce videos yourself for free or for a super small fraction of the cost of a custom professional video.  There are several services out there that can help you fine tune the script such as StoryGuide, but why just fine tune the script when you can create professional style videos on your own without any training whatsoever?  RawShorts can help you make videos for free (and charge a super small fee if you want use the video without watermarks).  Even if you still want to have your video professional produced you can save a great deal by turning your video script into a video using RawShorts and saving a great deal of money from the professional production because your idea is better developed and your vision easier for the producer to understand. While creating your video you will have a chance to test it with your audience and fine tune it before you commit to the final expensive version.  However, you may discover that you actually do not need the professional video service since the videos you can produced are professional quality!  Also if you produce a super sleek version professionally, you can then produce many variations addressing each particular pain point and solution in a single video which will help you minutely target your audience and end user.  By making the explainer video yourself you can save a great deal time, money, and since you can test it at any point, even be sure that your audience will appreciate it thereby assuring its success.

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