There are many more than ten type of animated marketing videos that you can make.  However, in this article we will feature what we consider 5 of the top 10.  Starting with one of the most used animated video marketing videos of all times, the explainer video and moving down the line to a variety of other types of videos that cover almost every multimedia content type.

Animated marketing videos are not only the rage currently but they are also quite useful and require less preparation in many cases than other types of videos.  In fact these animated marketing videos can be made with existing content, even a related compilations of phones such as the photo montage videos.  Please note make of these marketing videos are perfect for repurposing existing content and saving a great deal of time.

5 valuable types of animated marketing videos


Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are the rage now because they happen to be very effective.  Explaining your product in under two minutes might be difficult but your customers want to know about your product faster than they can examine all pertinent pages in your website.  Explainer videos gives them a quick overview of your offer and keeps them hooked afterwards.  It not only explains the product but also soft-sells them.

PowerPoint Videos

While you can make a recording of a PowerPoint presentation, an animated marketing video of it with slight changes and more animation may serve you better.  The animated video will be more interesting and keep the watcher engaged longer.  As a tool animated marketing videos provide more bangs for the buck and especially when you can quickly animate a PowerPoint presentation.  In fact lets you animate PowerPoint presentations with great ease as it uses the same video production style as PowerPoint does.  So if you know PowerPoint already you will excel making free animated marketing videos with Raw Shorts.

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Video Tips Series

Video marketing requires as many videos as possible and a video tips series can produce a great deal of animated video content.  Each animated video can focus on a specific tip that also entices the user to see other video tips in the series while being entertaining and providing great information.  These videos tend to be quick but quite focused so they will be great for your SEO efforts.

Demo Videos

Animated demo videos give a taste of what your offer provides the viewer while featuring your product or offer.  They are perfect for video marketing because they focus on your product while teaching others how to use it.  They also have a soft-sell inherent in them because they explain USPs and engage the watcher more than some live action videos can.

Photo Montage Videos

Do you want to feature your staff, your events in pictorial format, or maybe even the design progression of your product?  Well photo montage videos are the best animated marketing videos for doing this.  They are short and fun and create an affinity to your brand by showing viewers photos that tell your story. Using Raw Shorts for creating quick photo montage video is a piece of cake!'
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