Producing a video can be an exciting thing and you may want to just jump right into it and figure things out along the way, but it will save you time and money to patiently consider many things and to map the video out. Plan your video carefully and you will create a video that is beautiful and effective in providing the message you want it to provide.  Below are seven things to consider before you start your video production.

Map out your video to achieve its intended goal and purpose

Planning saves you time and money because you are focused on your end goal and consider the purpose of the video.  When you know what you want your video to achieve and figure out your message carefully, building your video script will be much easier.  By focusing on achieving the purpose of the video you will create a tighter message and achieve the goal of your video.

Choose a Style and Branding for the Video

A video with style and purpose can brand you better.  If you are creating a video for business then consider the impact on your branding and the video marketing techniques you will use.  This goes beyond just choosing if the video will be animated or live action or be an explainer video, or some other type of video. Considers style elements that speak of who your company is and the branding you desire.

Video length is Critical

People’s attention span on the web is quite short.  Make web videos with a rule of thumb that they will not be longer than 90 seconds and aim for 60 seconds.  At most you should not consider a video longer than 2 minutes. Of course your video may require longer time, but the longer it is the less likely it will be that it will be seen all the way through.  If you make longer web videos pack the most important message for the video in the first 60 seconds.  To get control of your time and fine tune your video script using templates from StoryGuide or similar services.

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Break Complex Message into Multiple Web Videos

If you have a complex message do not stuff it all into a long video or a video that moves so fast it will make the viewer’s head spin.  Make web videos short and split each point of a complex message into its own video.  Of course this can be expensive, however using Rawshorts can help you make many animated videos for free or for just pennies compared to professionally made video, but with the same quality as professional videos.  Getting started is free! To get started for free click here!

Consider Your Video Budget

Videos can be expensive and the more features and animation you want the more they will cost.  Where you produce them can also make a big difference in their costs.  Producing videos outside the US will save you money but their quality may be a crapshoot.  Of course with Rawshorts you can produce the video yourself for next to nothing in comparison. Getting started is free!

If you still need it professional production use services like and others that help you find the right videographer for you.

Give Yourself an Adequate Production Time

If you are having professional video producers make your video, give it no less than 4 weeks for the production to be finished and count more on 4-8 weeks.  Video production is traditionally quite time consuming.  Online video production with Rawshorts allow you to make professional quality animated videos in just a few hours if you have followed the rest of the advice above and are well prepared.  If you are using professional video producers make sure to negotiate your deadlines carefully and put in penalties for delays to improve the chance they will come in on time.

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