Are you a startup? Do you have an ongoing concern but virtually no marketing budget? Do you have a need for many different kinds of video for business?  Well there is good news, now you can make your own professional quality videos for business and create them completely for free.  This is a budget that any business no matter how poor their coffers are can afford!

Following are 7 ways you can create a free video for business:


1 Check Out Content from Competitors

No you do not want to copy what your competitors are doing, you simply have two objectives when checking out your competitors’ content:

  • you want to see what their customers are asking for, consuming, and ignoring;
  • you want to formulate your Unique Selling Points (USPs) that set you apart from them so that you video for business shows how much better your offer is.

2 Use Existing Materials

You do not need to reinvent things.  Simply use your existing marketing materials to create your video for business.  Your business video need not be more than a compilation of your existing images, copy, and presentations.  You can animate images and tight copy into a business video in nothing flat.  Just be sure to choose materials from your existing content that show the differentiators you discovered from your competitors.

3 Use Free Graphics from Royalty Free Sites

There are video services such as that give you thousands of free images to use in your business videos along with many professional quality business video templates.  But there are also many places on the net where you can find royalty-free images that you can use.  The best one we have found is So if you need a few new images that you do not already have in your marketing materials you can get them from the video production service or royalty-free image sites.

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4 Write Your Own Script

Very few people know your business inside out more than you and your collaborators.  So writing a script for the video should be easy since it is just a continuation of the marketing materials you have already created.  Just remember keep the video short from 30 seconds to at most 2 minutes, but closer to 30 seconds.  You can speak about 75 words per 30 seconds, so keep the copy tight.

5 Record Your Own Voice Over

Many people think that recording a voice over requires an extremely complex recording studio, but it does not.  Having a studio might make a difference to the most discerning listeners that can hear every nuance of a sound but a nice quiet room with good sound reverberation absorption such as a line closet or putting a blanket over your head as you record should do the trick for most videos.  Your passion for your product will come through in your voice and make your video for business even more believable.

6 Find Royalty-Free Music

There are many places online where you can find royalty-free music for your video for business.  It will take a little effort to listen to many tracks trying to find the right music but adding music on the second sound track will not only help you manipulate the watchers’ emotions better but also give them a more positive impression of the professional quality of your video.  One place where you can find free music is  but there are many more.

7 Use Raw Shorts

Ok, now you have all you need to start producing the video, but all video production services out there cost thousands of dollars right?  How can you create and produce your video for business for free?  Just use to create your business videos 100% for free.  You not only get a great video editor that anyone with basic computer skills can use to create great animated videos but you get free images and templates as well.  You can produce many free business videos using Raw Shorts.

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Image Credit: By Sunshineconnelly flickr user graphia (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons'
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