Website Maintenance Services Agency Uses Animated Video for Facebook Ads

Executive Summary: is a boutique agency that provides professional website maintenance services for small businesses from basic wordpress sites to elaborate e-commerce stores. They were looking for ways to expand their marketing efforts and leverage the power of video to expand awareness and lead generation. e-SMU used Raw Shorts to build video ads that they then distributed through Facebook.

  • Increased Engagement: 25% increase (click, comment, reactions) over other Facebook video ads tested

“It’s simple to use and once you’ve got a clear idea of what you want and a script, building the video can go pretty fast.”


The challenge for was how to improve on their advertising efforts via Social Networks. They do a lot of Facebook advertising and have seen that videos are more engaging and fun than text ads or static images. For them finding the right tool to fit their specific need for high performing video ads was the goal. The tool needed to be easy to use, have access to the design styles they liked, and be priced right. e-SMU did a lot of research and ended up picking Raw Shorts from a two “finalists” video ad split test.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

Raw Shorts was easy to get up and running quickly. Thanks to the tutorials and easy UI/UX, they were able to get their first video up in under 30 minutes! In addition, loved the animated templates and the ability to add their own graphics and backgrounds. But, at the end of the day, it was the ability to create engaging videos that got people to share, comment, and go to the site which was the real way Raw Shorts helped e-SMU.

“We ran a campaign with one of the videos and the results were very good, we’ve got way more responses than with just text and images.”

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans: reported much higher engagement with the Raw Shorts video ads they created over the text and image formats they used in the past. But even when they split tested their Raw Shorts video against another video product, the Raw Shorts video got 25% higher engagement.

In the future, plans to use Raw Shorts for video tutorials as a way to improve their blog content.

Want to create your own animated videos? Visit Raw Shorts:

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