There is no doubt that video is king of content on the internet.  More people than ever watch videos on YouTube.  People and businesses are uploading 300 hours of video per minute to YouTube—that is a 200% increase from last year.  This means that as a business you must join the video revolution and increase this 300 hours per minute upload with your own video marketing efforts.

Make and animated video in minutes and start posting to YouTube.  How can you make an animated video in just minutes after you have prepared the material?  Using services such as can allow you to join the video revolution with little effort, faster than with most other video productions, and at a cost that cannot be beat—free.

All you have to do is take your existing marketing materials and repurpose them to make them into videos.  With Raw Shorts you can take any PowerPoint presentation and make and animated video with it.  Since Raw Shorts works just like PowerPoint it is easy to convert each slide into a corresponding slide on the video when making your animated video.

B2B video marketing is here to stay and with statistics like these you need to participate.  Many never participated before because they did not have the budget since videos specially animated videos are quite expensive to make.  They also felt they did not have the skills to make videos although they are quite adept with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  Well these concerns and other common barriers to entry into the video marketing arena are no longer valid.  Animated videos made with Raw Shorts are free or super low cost which are affordable by any marketing budget.  Also with just rudimentary Powerpoint skills anyone can easily make an animated video quite fast.

Already enough video is being uploaded that a full day’s upload would take a single person over 2 years to see.  The upload trend will continue and you must make your own videos to compete with your competition.  Be they explainer videos, branding videos, or just an animated video telling your story, you need to stay on top of videos for your general marketing campaign and specifically for each product and service you have.  Falling behind just means you will be buried more and more in the tons of hours of video uploaded.  You must make videos and many of them to keep up and take a cut of this immense marketing trend.  Be a statistic by simply making an animated video of each piece of content you have, make animated videos for each blog to increase their pulls, make videos to explain things to your customers and employees, produce videos for all aspects of the business.  Be part of the next YouTube video upload statistic by adding your own videos to beat the current statistics!

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