B2B marketers are moving in droves towards content marketing and social media marketing. Of course most content marketing is driven by social media network postings, and B2B customers are found across a wide spectrum of social networks so they are all important.  Video marketing is an important part of any content marketing in social media since it attracts traffic stronger than most other content.

Video Marketing is More Engaging

B2B customers are always in the lookout for good content that can help them find the solutions they are looking for.  Even though the B2B customer is a business the content marketing and social media content is geared towards the businesspeople who can take action on the product or service being marketed.  Since video is the preferred media a person migrates to it is a key part of any content and social marketing.  Just announcing it in a content title will increase the traffic to the content by 20% by itself.  Business people love video as much as consumers do.

Business People Research Solutions

Way before a business starts looking at potential vendors they engage in research, particularly in social media to find the solutions they need and educate themselves prior to dealing with a B2B vendor.  B2B marketing needs to take this research into account and prioritize it over other kinds of marketing as the website of the business will be used mostly if the content marketing did its job and send the B2B buyer to the site to start the sales process.  Over 60% of executives prefer video over text content and they are the decision makers, so using video marketing in content and social media where business customers are researching is a great strategy.

Multi-Channel Approach

Video marketing belongs in more than the company’s YouTube channel.  Maintaining a YouTube channel is great for many reasons including search engine optimization (SEO), but it is just one of many channels that will feature the video.  Today videos are features in many social media channels and in many other content marketing arenas.  Keep in mind the variety of settings the video can appear in when considering its content and creating the video script.


An overview of online marketing. A simple grap...

An overview of online marketing. A simple graph that represents the major components of online marketing, including, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including RSS and Atom feeds, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Networking/Blogs and Social Netowrking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mobile Video Adoption is Growing Through the Roof

Mobile video watching is occurring everywhere not just at work. Every time the business customer is waiting in line at McDonalds or bored at the waiting room they are engaging in mobile surfing and video is one of the top media consumed in mobile.  The B2B marketer must be sure that the video will show well in a small screen and that any writing on it will be readable on a small screen.

Social Sharing Increases the Value of Content

Statistically sharing a video increases interaction by 1,200% that is how powerful video marketing can be.  Of course the influence of receiving a shared video from friends, business acquaintances, industry insiders, and others really increases the potential to interact with the B2B video.  Video in social media and content marketing is a very powerful attractor to the content and to increasing the likelihood of a social share.

Video marketing is one of the most effective means of engaging B2B customers no matter where it is found.  Content marketing can share video content to multiple social media channels and allow the video to reach a wide audience who are more likely to share it.  B2B marketers need to include video production and video marketing as part of any multimedia campaign because it one of the best B2B customer engagement tools in the B2B industry today.

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