Small, owner-run business uses a professional looking animated video to explain services and process.

Executive Summary:

Crystal Watanabe is the founder of Pikko’s House, a boutique editorial services agency for fiction and creative non-fiction authors. To new authors, the editorial services she offers are not always clearly understood. As a way of clarifying the service offerings and the booking process, Crystal created an explainer video. Her goals:

  • Create a quick and easy to absorb explanation of her business services
  • Add to the professionalism of her website

“I loved the interface and that I could do it without installing software.”


Crystal is a great writer but found that sometimes, in marketing, a webpage or blog post is not always the best medium for a specific goal. She wanted to find a way to make her booking process and service offerings jump out for potential clients while staying in budget and maintaining a professional look for her brand. Enter Raw Shorts.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

Raw Shorts provided Crystal with an easy to use interface that could be set up without installing any software on her computer. The free trial enabled her to sign up risk free and gave her an opportunity to play around with the editor, assess the image and music libraries, look through the video templates, and see if Raw Shorts was something she felt like she could use to build a professional looking video.  She loved the interface, the music and felt the templates looked amazing! It took her about six (6) hours from start to finish to create a video she loved!

“the templates are sleek, modern, professional, and easy to learn”

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans:

While Crystal did not do a controlled experiment to quantify improvements in her conversion rates, she did really like the way the video came out and felt that it added to the professionalism of the website. It helped potential clients quickly “get” her service offerings and that feedback made her feel like Raw Shorts was a great addition to her website.

For her next video(s), Crystal is looking to launch a few new services in 2017 and wants to create videos to support the new product launches.


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Want to create your own animated videos? Visit Raw Shorts:'
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