When you are looking for something online you are surrounded by nothing but words. Your eyes scan over them, but none of the information is retained. We scan over information and we might pick up a word or two, but over all the information falls on deaf ears, or rather blind eyes. The reason the information is not retained is because our brains are designed to detect motion. This is why YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. It’s interesting how the mind works, we won’t read a dynamic article from a trusted site, but we will sit through the most boring video on the planet because it is visual.

This is why explainer video’s are the perfect way to get your information across to your audience, but there are a few tricks to making the perfect explainer video.

Online competition is high for everything from cars to stickers so what differentiates a good explainer video from a plain one?

1) It gives the 3 W’s through motion, information, and entertainment.

The creative use of moving objects in a visual format, followed by an entertaining overview of the WHO•WHAT•WHY of your business, separates a good explainer video from a trite one.
Take a good look at your landing page. Most likely, you have a “Welcome” blurb. That won’t cut it in a highly competitive market. In less than a minute, a well-made explainer video will show us what we need to know about your business:
1. Who you are
2. What you do
3. Why we should use your products or service

2. Good Explainer Videos can Evoke or Provoke an Emotion
A very engaging method that makes a good explainer video is to build a thoughtful and meaningful visual story with characters to evoke an emotion in the viewer.
3. Good Explainer Videos combine Live Action with Animation
Animation is fun and entertaining, but you may want to add a personal touch – a human connection. A good explainer video can couple graphics, animation, and illustrations with an actor who can personalize the WHO•WHAT•WHY of your business.
You’re captivated. Signals fire in your brain to keep your eyes on the female actor and the little animations.
Suddenly, you’re inside all kinds of different homes. That’s the human personal factor. There is a home that feels warm and inviting. Then there is another one that’s entirely different, yet it also looks comfortable and welcoming.
4. Good Explainer Videos influence You to Buy or Use a Product or Service
Once you have your customer engaged then you want to influence them to buy, and not just buy because you say so, but because without this product or service their life will be without meaning. True, this is a little dramatic, but you do want the product to seem important.

5. Good Explainer Videos let People Know You Exist
When someone uses Google or YouTube to search for a product or service, there is a chance they will find your video. If you put effort into developing a better explainer video, you create the chance for opportunities like these:
• Team members of organizations may share the video to discuss the possible benefits your service has for them.
• Prospects and potential customers will see your product or service in action. (That’s always a more visceral way to demonstrate usefulness.)
• Because video can be much more efficient at communicating, you can increase the number of sign ups and purchases – sometimes by factors of 2x, 3x and more.
Visual media generates interest for you in a way that words cannot by showcasing the WHO•WHAT•WHY of your business through motion, information, and entertainment.
A good explainer video will make any business unforgettable.

Author Antonio Otalvaro

Hi! I'm Antonio and I'm here to post some really cool stuff for you. If you have any ideas or any requests you can find me Twitter: @otalvaro

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