A two minute explainer video can effectively encapsulate the value of complicated investment products.

Executive Summary:

A.IX Capital is a German based financial services company that has developed automated investment strategies which are made available to German investors through mutual funds. Their product is complex and they needed a quick, inexpensive but engaging way to summarize the value of their offerings. They started out using live action video in a “talking head” style but found that, while important and valuable in certain circumstances, it was not the right format for providing quick 2 min summaries of their products. After some research, they decided that animated videos was the best way to go and found Raw Shorts. It was a cost effective solution that enabled them to make and iterate quickly on videos that helped boost their conversion rates.

  • Doubled conversion rates on their homepage

“To get a two minute summary for a complicated product, animated video was just the right way to go for us.”


A.IX needed a tool that could capture the value of their product offering in quick and engaging way. Traffic was coming to their website but they needed a better way of getting that traffic to enter their email address and become a lead. They had a good sense of what the message should be, but they also wanted to be able to quickly test and iterate on the message to ensure it was giving them the best conversion rate improvement. Enter Raw Shorts.

How did Raw Shorts Help:

When A.IX found Raw Shorts, they liked what they saw. The designs looked professional, the tool looked easy, and the price looked right but before purchasing they really wanted to be able to test the product to see if it lived up to the claims. With the free trial, they had access to all the essential elements of the platform and were able to test the tool and get used to the functionality. After a few days of the free trial, they saw the power of the video templates, charts, and animated  characters to enable them to make a baseline video and then duplicate it to make small testable modifications that would optimize their conversion rates. This level of access in the beginning took out all the risk for them. They knew they were getting a powerful tool that could easily pay for itself in a very short amount of time.

“Very affordable and at the same time, not a lot of work because it’s quite easy to use.”

Results Return on Investment and Future Plans:

A.IX’s goal was focused, improve conversion rates on the website. First they created a baseline video and looked at click rates and engagement with the video to ensure it was being seen and there was value. Once they established that there was engagement and a ‘control’ conversion rate, they worked on iterating on the video to see how they could optimize. Through their process of video iteration they were able to roughly double conversion rates on their home page. This easily paid for the expense of the premium access. Now A.IX is looking to continue to build overview videos for other investment strategy products.

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