Corporate video marketing has to keep up with social media trends now more than ever.  The huge amount of video consumption by over one billion people in YouTube and now also in Facebook means video marketing needs to find trends and ways to create for the social trends.  Why keep up with social trends?  Well because much of video promotion now depends heavily on the video being shared in social media and reaching a wider audience.  By following trends video marketers can make an animated video or other kinds of videos that fit the trends and maximize their potential for being shared socially.

2015 Video Marketing Trend 1: Getting Emotional is Helping Brands

It used to be that funny videos were the go to video but in 2014 a new trend was started, using content that creates and emotional response.  When people are engaged emotionally they tend to transfer that emotional respond to the brand.  People who have a strong emotional connection to a brand tend to share it much more and trust the brand’s next message more.

2015 Video Marketing Trend 2: Video Sharing is Exploding

According to Unruly the percentage of shares a brand video attracts online in its first three days of launch has almost doubled in 12 months.  In 2014 the percentage of shares in the first three days has increased to 42% and it is expected to continue increasing.  This means that now more than ever video marketers must do everything possible to get a portion of shares and paying attention to trends is increasing more and more important.

2015 Video Marketing Trend 3: Brand Well with Social Responsibility

As with the emotional content, video marketing does not have to be a direct ad and showing social responsibility and doing good for others is another way for video marketers to capture their audience. Video that show how socially responsible the brand is can stimulate good will on the part of the viewer. In 2014 one third of the top 20 videos ads promoted social cause.  The most prominent example of this was the ice bucket video campaign which raised huge awareness and money for ALS.

2015 Video Marketing Trend 4: Facebook Video is Becoming a New YouTube

Facebook video is becoming a huge deal now.  Its video uploads are rivalling YouTube.  Furthermore it controls 60% of all social sharing.  Now that it is focused on video, it is giving special incentives to people and businesses to upload directly to Facebook and it is giving YouTube a run for its money.  It will be the next must upload site alongside YouTube.

2015 Video Marketing Trend 5: Branding Through Tying into A Music Element

It is not a direct video placement. It is not a jingle or song containing any branding reference.  It is tying a popular song or artist to your brand and working off that track to bring traffic to the brand.  Some have called it “trackvertising” and it is super effective when done well. Activia made it big with its ties to Shakira’s La-La-La song for example.

There are many trends to follow and capitalize on.  Make many videos or video ties to increase your video marketing campaign results.  If you need to make an animated video you can use services such as to create them fast, quick, and for free.  With the ability to create videos fast and at any time without having to worry about your video department’s capacity, corporate video marketers can take advantage of all the trends with ease and an incredible low budget!'
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