Explainer videos are all the rage now.  The reason is that video is the number one attraction of any piece of content and explainer videos sell while explaining your offer. So explainer videos serve two functions for you, that of adding great content to wherever you post them and to explain your offer.  Creating as many of them as possible, to explain the different aspects of your offer and to explain it with a different spin to each of your personas, is a prudent thing to do.

What has stopped many startups and businesses with low marketing budgets is the incredible cost of having an explainer video produced professionally.  But now there is a service that can produce many explainer videos for free.  It is called Raw Shorts and it can turn anyone with just Word and Powerpoint skills into a professional quality video animator in minutes.  What is incredible is that you can create many explainer videos, marketing videos, blog videos, and more completely for free.  If you upgrade, it would only cost as little as $8 per video.  Who cannot afford free or $8?

To expedite creating your explainer video you should take a few minutes to follow a few steps so that when you get to creating and producing you video you are ready to create it in just a few minutes.

Organize Your Video Content

Decide what benefits you will include in the explainer video.  There are usually 10 or more benefits for a good offer but an explainer video should not be longer than 2 minutes and as close to 30 seconds as possible so you will need to focus on your top 3-5 benefits that really set you apart.  You also need to consider if you need to make several videos with similar content so you appeal to your various personas using your offer.

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Write a Video Script

The fastest way to organize what you need is to write a script of what you will say and what you will write about each benefit. Also collect all images you will use and decide what text will be in each frame to support the voice over.  Raw Shorts has thousands of free images and animated content to help you create your video at no cost to you.  What is more they can help you create an explainer video in record time if you use one of their professional quality video templates to get you started.

Create the Explainer Video

Create the explainer video and modify the script as needed to adapt to the inevitable content changes.  Once the content is organize and the script made, even if there are minor changes, they should be minimal.

Record the Voice Over

Complete the explainer video by recording and adding the voice over.  Since you have two sound channels adding music where appropriate is advisable as well.

After you finish the video, if you need to create similar videos targeting your various personas, you can save a great deal of time by copying the video and making the necessary changes without having to start from scratch.  All of these things can create a professional quality video without you knowing much about video production. Raw Shorts walks you and holds your hand every step of the way with their phenomenal video production interface.  It saves time and it is absolutely free!

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