You can make animations online from many sources.  However there is only one place where you can make animations online completely for free.  This place is What makes Raw Shorts so specially is not that it is completely free to make animations online but it is a tool that allows even the least creative souls creates animations without any special skills.  All you need is simple MS Office skills and with just these skills you can make professional quality animations online.

Another great advantage that Raw Shorts provides is that it offers you thousands of photos and even animated images to use in your animation.  Add animation backgrounds including animated backgrounds to that great offer and you have a great start to begin to make animations online.  But it does not stop there, they also provide great video templates to help you get started.

The video templates allow you make beautiful professional quality animations.  Not only do these animated video templates provide a great starting point for anyone wanting to make animations online but they also save a great deal of time when making the animations.  Whether the animations are for explainer videos, branding videos, process videos, and any other kind of videos these templates can save a great deal of time since they organize the video process and require very little input from you and they require less planning for the video as the script is already made and you are just customizing the video.

The best part of using is that if you know MS Office programs you can easily use Raw Shorts with no training or significant additional skills. The online video software works very similar to MS PowerPoint and allows you to make animations online.  If you can use PowerPoint you can use Raw Shorts easily and quickly.  One of the best thing about the way it works is that if you already have PowePoint presentations you can easily and quickly make animations online with them.  The resulting video will be a great support for any blog or other content based on the original presentation but it will pull more viewers since video is the number one content consumed by people online.

To make animations online, all you need is Raw Shorts.  You do not need special skills to create professional quality animated videos, just those you most likely already have in the form of use MS Office software.  The best part of it all is that aside from the thousands of free images, many video templates, and how easy it is to you—is that is 100% completely free to make animations online!

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