Do you have rich, relevant blog content that you think would make a great video? You can convert it to animated video with minimal effort using an automated video maker. Here’s how.

What Types of Blogs to Choose

Before you convert your blog to video, it’s important to choose one that is conducive to conversion and will help you meet your marketing goals. Some types of text and articles lend themselves better to animated video than others. Some types of articles that work well include:

Lists and Countdowns

Lists and countdowns are easy to convert to animated video because they are easy for the viewer to follow and understand. They also entice the viewer to continue watching to the conclusion of the countdown.

Customer Testimonials

 Customer testimonials are story-driven, so they easily draw in the viewer. Just make sure the first few seconds tease the climax of the story in order to capture their attention and entice them to watch the full narrative.

Explanatory Posts

Animated explainer videos are incredibly valuable to both existing and potential customers. Almost any informative or explanatory blog post can translate to an animated explainer video, and in fact may even prove more useful to the viewer than the article itself as it will automatically break down potentially overwhelming information into smaller, easier-to-understand pieces.

Converting Your Blog to Animated Video

You can convert your blog to animated video in four simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Template

Choose your template first, based upon its orientation, which will be dictated by the platform on which you plan to share it. You can choose between landscape, portrait, or square. After you’ve filtered your choices by orientation, you can select your preferred design.

  1. Upload Your Text and Media

Upload your selected text and any pieces of media you may have. You can also choose from stock images and videos to complement your text if you don’t have any readily available.

  1. Select an Animated Text Effect

Choose the text and animation effects to give your video the look and feel you’re aiming for. You can also include animated overlays for a more advanced visual effect.

  1. Customize Your Video

Once you have a draft, spend time going through your animated video and focus on the details. Make changes to the text to make it easier to understand, or play around with the color scheme to mirror your branding. Customize it to your liking to make the video uniquely yours.

After You Create Your Animated Video

Once you’ve perfected your video and are ready to publish and share it, there are a few steps you should take in order for it to have maximum impact.

Come Up With A Great Title

Choose a keyword-rich title that is both clear and catchy to help with SEO and draw in viewers. While titling a video can seem like one of the easiest steps in the process, it actually requires a great deal of thought and keyword research.

Include A Meta-Description 

Even if you think your video speaks for itself, include a thorough, keyword-rich description to help your viewers find it through search. This is not only true for major search engines like Google, but also on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Add Backlinks

To increase conversions and direct people to your website, always include a link in your video description so your potential customers can find you.

Create Animated Video for Free

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Author Antonio Otalvaro

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