There are many SEO techniques to promote your video using video SEO good practices.  While the video itself does not have text that can decipher it meaning to search engine, its title and description do.  But another great tool to use is video SEO backlinks to get long-lasting traffic for your videos.  Video marketing is multidimensional in all that you must do to get traffic to your videos and video SEO backlinks are a great tool to use.

Video backlinks are important to optimize for Google’s SERPS.  Video SEO backlinks are really not very different than that for regular SEO backlinks.  They use the same principles.  They can also give the same great boost as regular SEO backlinks.  The difference is that video marketing has an ace up its sleeve which is the video itself that can capture visitors like no other piece of content can.

Video SEO Backlinks

By getting video SEO backlinks you can increase your Google rankings.  Google has a formula, which they change often but it always includes counting backlinks.  Google ranks those video backlinks when ranking you and the better the SEO backlink the higher your ranking will go.  What makes a video SEO backlink better than another?  Well, the ranking of the site allowing the backlink to your video.  The higher the website ranking where you post your link, the higher your status.

There are several pitfalls you must avoid to make sure your video SEO backlinks help you and not hurt you.  There many ways to game the system and get many backlinks all at once or very rapidly.  Google is watching for this and calling it backlink spamming and if it determines you are backlink spamming it will penalize you.  For example if many backlinks appear for you very quickly and suddenly without explanations Google will get suspicious.  Another important consideration is to have appropriate links from sites related to your video.  For example if your video is about cooking you do not want to have a backlink from a page about how to make origami as they are hardly related and can be seen as spammy in nature to Google and visitors following the link.  You want to engage in white hat SEO practices so your get the most benefit and avoid any potential penalties.

Please stay tune to our next article to receive even more tips on specific techniques you can use to improve your video marketing using video SEO backlinks.


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