Promoting your online video is essential to make it a success.  A great video without good video promotion is most likely not going to be as successful. Video promotion takes time and effort but its rewards can be huge.  Below are 10 different video promotional strategies that you can use to promote your video.

1. Search Optimize Your Video

YouTube SEO strategy is as important as Google SEO strategy.  Create a killer video title that pulls people but at the same time incorporates the main keywords which identify your video’s message.  Use the description to include compelling copy that describes it well for those that are unable to see the video and which tells the search engine more about your video.  Use the same SEO practices you would for your website in this description.  Make sure to include a call to action and a link to your video landing page to create momentum.

2. Use Video in PPC Ads to Increase Engagement

Static banners are dying slowly.  Adding video clips to your Pay-per-click (PPC) ads enrich them and increase engagement.  Embed video teasers into the ads that create curiosity or sparks the imagination of the viewer to compel them to click.  Teasers can be a great pull and the full video if representative of the teaser can make the sales for you.

3. Covert Viewers with Long Form Video Offers

Although online videos should be less than 60 seconds whenever possible, there is still room for long form videos.  A great lead generator is a long form video hidden behind a great landing page that collects information from the viewer prior to letting them watch.  A user will gladly offer their information for the knowledge a long form video can impart in the area of their interest.

4. Use Call to Action Overlays

YouTiube promoted ads allow you to gain customers who have already proven to like videos to come to you.  Using these overlays that appear over videos can boost your conversion rates.  You only get charged when the video is clicked so it is very cost effective.

5. Video Landing Pages

Use video landing pages to bolster your promotions.  Instead of just putting photos of presenters to your webinar, why not put a great video that can increase conversion due to its rich presentation.  You can make videos from photos and text materials very easily using services such as and it is free so why not use it to enhance your landing page and make it an upgraded video landing page.

6. Integrate Video into Email Campaigns

Email campaigns conversions go up when video are incorporated into them.  Some statistics show that email with videos conversion rate is up to 300% over emails without videos.  Of course it is best not to try to include the video itself in the email but a great video thumbnail that leads to the video when clicked as this will avoid some technical problems that may exist.

7. Let Social Media Promote for You

Leverage your social channels to get your video to spread fast in social networks and improve your video promotion.  Include the videos not only on your social networks, but also your blogs, your personal website and personal social media channels, emails, everywhere you can have an audience.

8. Let Videos Enhance Your Website

Manu businesses such as Salesforce use video very effectively to promote their message.  If you visit their YouTube channel you will find that they have several hundred videos and they use them well in their site.  Why not have video organized into each area of your website to offer better engagement.

9. Let the Video Brand and Promote You

Video can be used for branding and marketing and sales and education, among many other things. No matter the purpose of the video each should have their main message encapsulated at the beginning of the video with a call to action and repeated at its end.  Enhancing the brand and the message of the video requires a bit of repetition especially since viewership gets lost starting in as little as 10 seconds so having your message and brand reinforced at least at the beginning and ending of the video will help you greatly.

10. Videos can Sell

Don’t think videos are only useful for branding and marketing, videos can sell.  They can sell directly with a great call to action and indirectly by preparing the viewer to accept the sales, and by easing their “buyer regret” afterwards with comforting reassurances.  Make sure your sales department uses videos to sell directly and to enhance sales efforts.

Remember that even if the viewers take no action, the rich message that video provides gets remembered more and impacts the viewer.  Video can enhance any sales and marketing and even educational and branding campaign because of its many positive attributes. Promote your video and watch how well it works for you!

Author Antonio Otalvaro

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