Almost all product have more than one use.  Because of this, they also have more than one type of user.  Each type of user will have the product usage in common but may be wildly different in focus and usage of the product.  They may come from different industries, different financial strata, different cultures, etc.  They may use the product in its intended way or they may have a different use for it.  These different types of user types are called personas and defining them can be a great aid in your video marketing efforts.

Video marketing adds even more personas because on top of the existing personas for the product itself you also have to consider the persona types of the watchers and why they are actually watching your video.  You can go crazy trying to do video marketing because of this added complication because you may think of tons of user types.  Be patient and do not despair, there are easy ways to define these personas and to focus your video marketing efforts on the top 3-4 only.

We have included a free download here of a persona generating template.  This free download persona template can assist you greatly because it helps you structure the traits of each persona.  While it has a photo on it, you will need to scour the net and put a face on there that fits the actual persona you are building so you make it more complete.  While you do not need to fill out all of the fields, the more detailed you make it the more it will help you.  Video marketing already has a great deal of detail to deal with and having each persona with deep details included will help make your video marketing effort that much easier since you can target them minutely.  Make sure to differentiate between the user type personas and the video audience personas so you can target them individually.

In addition to the existing fields, you may also want to add an extra section for video watching profile when working with your video watcher personas.  It will help your video marketing efforts to know what kind of videos they like so you can target them easier.  Aside from this video watching addition, this free download template should help you minutely define your customers and watching audience with its existing questions.  Each field is really self-explanatory and it may be difficult for you to answer on your own so you can ask your well know customers some of the questions about themselves to help you out.  You must really walk in their shoes to discover innovative ways to reach them!  This free download personal template will help you do just that!

Please download the template from this link: Persona Development Chart Free Download

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