This is part one of two articles on the subject.  Making a web video is just the first step in video marketing.  There are many factors to consider that make your business video a success or a failure.  A few have to do with the video itself but most are external to the video.  In fact most factors that help bring viewers to the video and to watch the video are external to the video and deal with SEO video marketing.  With 160 billion hours of videos being watched a year there it is clear that video marketing is super important.  By the same token with over 300 hours of video being uploaded each minute, the competition for viewers is fierce.  Video marketers must find a way to stand out and not just get visitors to the videos but also get them to watch as much as possible of the video.  It is more than just SEO for a page, it requires engagement and time spent watching the video.

Following are solutions to 5 mistakes that guarantee that your business video will not be watched:

Video Seekers cannot find your business video to start

The numbers mentioned above prove that people are watching many many videos.  But they also prove that the competition for viewers is huge.  Video marketers must help the potential viewers find the video.  One of the best ways to do this is to do searches for popular keywords that people are searching for related to your video. Use the keywords as much as possible in the title while keeping the title exciting and tight.  Use it in the video description as well.  Treat the video title and description as an SEO page because that is precisely what it is.  Your product may be unique and you may need to do deep research to find applicable popular search terms; but find them you must so the video can be found in the first place.  Video marketing is closely tied to SEO in many ways though it includes many other factors.

Video seekers Find Your Video But Are Clueless As to What it is About

Three things are super important to get the business video to be seen: the title, the description, and just as importantly the video image thumbnail you choose.  The first two we visited above as to their importance.  The video thumbnail must entice the potential viewer to click on the video to start watching.  It is always a good idea to customize this image whenever possible to increase the chances the video will be watched.  The title and description get people to you but it must also be interesting to real people not just search engines and they must entice the viewer to spend their valuable seconds on you.

You Must Entice Viewers to Watch your Business Video

As discussed previously, the choices for videos are staggering.  Potential video watchers have an insurmountable amount of choice so you must entice the viewer to watch.  Video marketers must create compelling reasons for them to watch the corporate video.  Usually this enticement comes in the form a great entertainment or informational value.  The key here is value, your corporate video must offer greater value than other marketing videos to the potential video watcher. Video marketing is specially complex in choosing the content for the video.


Offer More Value to the Viewer than to Your Company

Video viewers are now quite savvy and their time is quite valuable. Let’s face it for anything they are searching for they have at least 10 choices.  Your video must offer a great value without being seen as a complete sales pitch.  It must provide information in an entertaining way which appears to benefit the video watcher more than the company.  Watcher will accept a little pitch if it is entertaining enough but they will not put up with a company centric video that talks more about the company then their benefits.  Video marketing today must be subtle and thoughtful putting the benefit to the viewers first rather than the company’s.  Something video marketers can do is create videos cheaply and fast with services such as where you can modify and optimize a video appeal and do A-B testing with videos themselves.  With services such as these it is easy to test video content and optimize it for free or very little cost and definitely in record time.

Optimize the Use of Your Social Media Marketing

Video marketing is more than just the video and its components. In order to make it successful you must optimize it for social media marketing.  Make sure everyone can share the video and the video landing page to their social media networks.  Use your own social networks to promote the video relentlessly in all social media networks.  You can use services such as to help you promote the video all social networks.


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