In today’s online world, very few promotional strategies are making an impact quite like video marketing. Across a variety of industries, video content is changing the way brands promote their business, engage with customers and educate potential consumers.

As 2019 comes to a close, online video content is poised to make an even bigger impact in the coming year. As we look to the future, check out these 20 promising stats that already make it seem as though 2020 is going to be the year of video marketing. 

20 Video Marketing Statistics to know for the year 2020. The marketing landscape is about to evolve.

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Almost All Businesses Are Using Video Marketing

Last year saw a major increase in businesses using video marketing—with numbers rising from 63% to 81% of businesses using videos as a marketing tool.

With that type of increase last year alone, there is no telling how many more businesses will jump on the video marketing bandwagon in 2020. 

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Video Traffic Currently Makes Up 80% of Internet Traffic

Over the past few years, video content has started to slowly make up more and more of all IP traffic. However, future projections show that in two short years, it is about to count for 82% of all IP traffic on the internet. 

In 2017, video content already made up 75% of traffic and it has been growing steadily since; meaning it will only continue growing throughout 2020.

video marketing is appearing in newsfeeds all 2020
Newsfeeds a

With so much of the internet’s traffic being made up by videos, there is no better time for marketers to jump on board and go where the traffic is.

People Tend To Remember Videos Over Text & Images

Your goal as a marketer is to get a very specific, very tailored message to your target market of consumers. And you want to make sure that those potential customers retain that message. This is why video is so important.

While the average person only retains 10% of what their read—they retain 95% of the messages they watch in video format.

In the year 2020, the average consumer is going to be inundated with media messages more than ever with ads, articles and videos from all over the web. You want to make sure that the message you deliver is one they will actually remember.

A Million Minutes of Video Every Second!

We’ve already stated that we think 2020 is going to be the biggest year yet for video marketing. But just how big? 

millions of video get updated a minute

Statistics predict that in 2020, there will be nearly 1 million minutes of video speeding through the internet every second. That’s a whole lot of video marketing messages and a great deal of missed opportunity if you don’t start taking part.

Social Videos Still Perform Better on Newsfeeds

If you put a video in your social media post, it will get more views. Plain and simple. In fact, statistics show that when you have a video in your post, it will get 48% more views than posts that don’t have a video.

learn about video advertising options

Do you want more people to look at those carefully crafted Facebook marketing messages you are using? Just add a video.

Consumers Are More Interested in Products They See on Facebook Stories 

Facebook Stories have opened up a whole new avenue for sharing and enjoying videos—and they are actually helping to build up consumer interest as well.

According to one study, consumers who saw a product in a Facebook story video were 62% more interested after seeing the promotion.

2020’s Best Practices for Facebook Video Advertisements

Simply put, if you think the only way to market your product or service on social media is through a post—you may be surprised to find what the right story video can do.

Consumers Will Purchase After Viewing Videos

For still being relatively new to the marketing game, video strategies are already delivering some impressive results.

Around 46% of online users take action after they view a video advertisement. Every marketing strategy has a call-to-action, and videos can help give consumers that push they need to take that next step.

Around 46% of online users take action after they view a video advertisement. Click To Tweet

Whether you are looking for a potential consumer to go to your website, schedule an appointment, or buy a product; action is important and videos are one of the most effective ways to get people to act.   

People Trust Brands That Invest in Videos

In the big scheme of things, any marketing plan all comes down to earning the trust of your target market of consumers.

According to a study forecasting the growth of video marketing, consumers trust brands who make videos more than those who don’t.

Here are some tips to create a business video strategy!

Do you want to earn the trust of future or potential clients? Videos are a step in the right direction. Plus, as video marketing usage grows in 2020, you don’t want your company losing the trust of potential clients by not using video content.

Video Marketing is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Still not sure if video marketing is for you? If you are thinking that video marketing is too new or too much of a fleeting trend, just look at how big this market already is.

Video marketing is currently a $135 billion industry, and it is only growing. 

Youtube and Facebook are Still Relevant

When it comes to video marketing, don’t be afraid to diversify. While Facebook and YouTube each have their own unique benefits—they deliver surprisingly equal (and impressive) results.

Studies show that 87% of video marketers have used YouTube to promote a product or service and 80% found it to be successful. On the other hand, 84% of marketers have used Facebook, with 85% of these users finding their experience to be a success.

Online Videos Don’t Have to be Long

Videos don’t have to be long to be effective. In fact, shorter videos do better from a marketing standpoint.

If you are worried about adding videos to your marketing plan for 2020, thinking they need to be long, complicated productions, consider this: videos under two minutes get the most engagement.

Short, succinct videos are going to get more action and attention than longer ones, so you just need to keep things simple to start getting more user engagement. 

Videos Don’t Need to Have Sound

You don’t need to worry about length when creating a marketing video, and it turns out you don’t need to worry about sound either. This is because 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So, instead of shooting a video that is mostly auditory—think outside the box.

facebook videos don't need to have sound

Creative videos that use images, stats, words and infographics can go a long way in delivering your message… no un-muting required. 

Video Ads Are the Best Way for Consumers to Discover a Brand They’ll Eventually Purchase From

According to one study on consumer and marketing insights for 2020, video ads are the number one way today’s consumers have discovered a brand they later on purchased from.

If you want to reach new consumers who have never shopped from your brand before—video can be the way to reach them.

Linkedin Videos are Gaining Traction

We’ve already discussed the impact on silent videos on platforms such as Facebook—but they are also just as effective on LinkedIn.

Consumers who watch videos that are meant to be viewed without sound are 70% of more likely to watch that video all the way to the end. 

Sound-less videos are just more preferred on social media platforms. This is why animation videos such as those you can created on RawShorts are so powerful. They take your text to create silent yet engaging videos that consumers prefer to watch on social media platforms. 

The Four Most Common Types of Videos Are: Explainers, Product Demos, How-Tos and Testimonials.

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to making a video for your 2020 marketing efforts.

You need to stop and think about what information your target market of consumers is looking for—and you need to consider what types of videos are currently popular.

In the coming year expect explainers, product demos, how-to’s and testimonial videos to be the most commonly used video types on the web. It is up to you to determine which type best suits your mission and your brand.

Every Marketer is Looking to Making Videos

There are a lot of statistics out there about how video marketing has been performing over the past few years—but how do companies see video marketing’s role in the future? 

According to one study, 99% of marketers plant to continue to make video marketing part of their plan in the coming year—which means we can continue to see a great deal of video content in 2020.


People Mostly Watch Videos on Youtube

If you want to put your message out in front of consumers—you need to be where the consumers are. And that place is YouTube. The average consumer spends more time on this video-only social media platform than any of the other social media sites.

The best time to post on Youtube is during the nights and weekend
From Oberlo’s Social Media Infographic

Consumers spend about 51% of their time on YouTube, and about 45% on Facebook and 31% on Instagram. If you want your 2020 marketing messages to reach the masses—video is key. 

However, There Aren’t Many Businesses Using Youtube

YouTube is not only the platform that people tend to spend the most time on—but it is also the number one platform for impacting consumer behavior. Sounds like the perfect place for small businesses to focus their strategies, right? Not exactly.

Only 9% of small businesses are using YouTube to their advantage. Click To Tweet

While YouTube may be popular, and may drive behavior, only 9% of small businesses are using YouTube to their advantage. If you want to separate yourself from the competition in 2020, take advantage of the world’s most popular social media platform.

Almost Every Business Gets Business From Social Media

At the end of the day, while there may be a lot of bells and whistles surrounding online marketing, it all comes down to getting new customers. And sometimes, all you need is one really good customer who gives really good referrals to get your business pointed in the right direction.

And video marketing can help.

Approximately 93% of all businesses have already gained a new customer by posting a video on social media. The only question is—will you be joining those businesses in 2020 and getting your own new customers in the coming year? 

What Are You Doing to Improve Your Video Marketing Efforts?

We hope that you have enjoyed our infographic and post! Feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comment sections, and if you’d like to learn more about automated video creation, check out our data-to-video feature.

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