It’s clear how explainer videos provide value to your customers. But have you considered creating other types of videos to promote your business or brand? Expanding your video strategy not only increases your exposure across multiple platforms but drives traffic to your website as well. Here’s are five additional ways you can put that explainer video software to use!

How Videos Drive Traffic to Your Website

Seventy-six percent of marketers indicate that incorporating video has increased their website traffic, but before you start rolling out a comprehensive video strategy you need to know exactly how and why it helps. Here’s a quick overview.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using keyword-rich titles and descriptions for your videos help increase your visibility to search engines and improve your ranking. Also the use of video backlinks to boost your page ranking. The higher your ranking, the more web traffic you can expect to see.

Links: If your video is not housed on your website but is instead housed on an external platform or social media channel, include a link to your website in the description. This significantly increases site visits. Even if a viewer loves what they see, they need an easy way to find you. Links allow them to do just that.

Social Media Exposure: Videos outperform photo and text posts on nearly every single social media channel. By incorporating video you’re practically guaranteeing yourself an expanded organic reach, which increases your likelihood of conversions.

Calls to Action (CTA): When making a video, you have the opportunity to include a compelling call to action, specifically asking the viewer to click through to your website. These direct CTAs have more impact than a simple text plea in a social media status update.

Time on Page: Incorporating video increases visitor time on your page. This positively impacts your search engine rankings, which will correlate to increased exposure and web traffic. It also increases the likelihood of conversions and allows visitors the opportunity to explore more of your site’s content.

The 5 Types of Videos You Need to Make

When you’re ready to expand your strategy beyond the singular use of explainer video software, here are five videos to incorporate.

Promo Videos: Get as creative as you want when it comes to videos, but you need to have at least one good, straightforward marketing video to showcase your brand or business.

Whiteboard Animations: Whiteboard animations are fun and attention-grabbing, standing out from the crowd in the ever-expanding world of video. While these types of videos are frequently used by explainer video software, whiteboard animations are also good for storytelling or testimonials.

Animated Social Posts: Social media continues to be wildly popular, with video posts garnering some of the most engagement. Make sure to cast a wide net across multiple social media platforms as different profiles of users are present on different platforms.

Testimonials: Customer testimonials are powerful because they draw in the viewer and demonstrate exactly how your business, brand, or product solved a problem or enhanced the life of a real-life individual. Just make sure the first few seconds are engaging enough to capture the viewer’s attention and entice them to watch the full story.

Blog-to-Video: Refresh old, written content by turning it into a video. With the power of Artificial Intelligence, some explainer video software can even do this automatically. All you need to do is upload your text and a video is created.

Explainer Video Software That’s Easy to Use

If you’re ready to ramp up video production, RawShorts is ready to help. From promo videos to whiteboard explainer videos to animated social posts, all of your video needs can be met with one intuitive, easy-to-use web-based platform. Create a free account today to see how easy it is to take your video strategy to the next level!

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