Welcome! We’re excited to help you create your first video.

  1. Every slide represents a scene in your video. You can add and remove scenes as well as arrange their order.
  2. Your blog, text or script will appear under the Story tab. To create a new a scene simply click on sentence.
  3. You can add voice narration and select whether to display full captions or only keywords to accompany your narration under the Settings tab.
  4. You can select the style of video (animation or live action) under the Theme settings section.
  5. You can add videos and photos from the Media tab.
  6. Once you’ve built your outline and selected your content you can make changes in our intuitive drag and drop editor by clicking on the Preview and Customize button.

It really is that simple!

Author Antonio Otalvaro

Hi! I'm Antonio and I'm here to post some really cool stuff for you. If you have any ideas or any requests you can find me Twitter: @otalvaro

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