Your goal is to gain exposure for your brand and build your business. You know that video is crucial to help you get there. But how, exactly, can whiteboard animation help? Here’s everything you need to know about why you should consider this specific type of customized video.

Whiteboard Animation Is Easy and Cost-Effective

Making a traditional video is time-consuming and expensive. Even if you have the equipment and technology to create your own videos in-house, you still have to coordinate the schedules of your actors (or featured employees), nail down a script, conduct a shoot, and edit the film to perfection. Creating one video is a lot of work – let alone several.

Because whiteboard animation is completely digital, videos can be created any time – on your time. You can play around with features and easily change them if they don’t quite match your vision, or add in some last-minute creative flair with ease.

Best of all, because putting together a whiteboard animation video is so quick and easy, you can create an entire series of videos for your brand in the time it would have taken you to make and edit one live-action piece. Repeated exposure is critical in today’s environment where consumers are bombarded with ads – in fact, the former “Rule of 7” that was the gold marketing standard is quickly becoming the “Rule of 13.” That is, your potential customer needs to have some sort of exposure to your brand (be it email, in-person, social media exposure, etc.) up to 13 times before they’ll respond to your call to action. Utilizing whiteboard animation videos allows you to create unique opportunities for potential customers to notice you again and again. And that’s the key to achieving brand recall and conversions.

Consistency Is Simple with Whiteboard Animation

When creating multiple videos for use across multiple platforms, it can be difficult to maintain brand consistency across the board. However, with whiteboard animations, you can easily maintain a consistent look and feel between all of your videos. You can even create recurring characters, images, or messages to reinforce your brand’s recall as your potential customers run across them in multiple places.

Whiteboard Animation is Eye-Catching and Shareable

In the age of social media, it’s important to grab your viewer’s attention almost immediately. In fact, you have about three seconds to convince someone to stop scrolling and pay attention to your content. Once you’ve got their attention your video has to be interesting enough to make them keep watching, and useful enough to prompt them to share. It can be a tall order to hit on all three marks, but it’s critical.

Because whiteboard animation videos are so visually captivating and the primary (or complete) text is usually incorporated into the actual video itself, they work well for the world of social media where nearly all videos are viewed without audio. This means you can still capture your viewer’s attention and get your message across without the need to rely on an accompanying audio track or captions. The result is a potential higher organic reach with whiteboard animation videos than with traditional, audio-dependent videos.

Even if you intend to use your video in a paid promotion on social media, it’s still important to pay attention to the parameters of a successful organic video because paid campaigns almost always perform better when accompanied by a good organic reach. This means your viewers have to watch and share your content of their own volition, and a well-crafted whiteboard animation video is a great way to convince them to do just that. The more people who watch and share your video, the further your video will reach. This moves you one step closer to achieving broader brand awareness, and for those individual consumers you reach you’re one “touch point” closer to reaching the “Rule of 13.”

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Author Luis Mata

Luis is a contributing editor with a focus on content marketing. As a content strategy consultant, Luis helps businesses evaluate their content needs and resources; and create compelling stories to be delivered across multiple media channels and platforms.