Video marketing is more than just making a video.  Especially in YouTube there are a few details you need to attend to so that your video marketing efforts can give you optimized results.  Video marketers are having to become reluctant wordsmiths now because they actually need to write killer titles, descriptions, and supporting content to make the video pop to the top of the search list.  However, it is not so bad because it is all within the wheelhouse of regular internet marketing which is the basis of all video marketing.

Here are three tips to help you pop your videos up in the ranking using sensible video marketing for YouTube:

#1 YouTube Related Videos Can Drive Traffic

There are three types of video promotions that YouTube does on its own.  By smartly propping up your videos with the right SEO techniques and Video Thumbnails you can help your videos show up in these areas.  You must certainly not try to “game” the system since YouTube will catch on eventually and in any case they change the algorithm all the time so trying this will not help you very much over the long run.  With the right title, description and video thumbnails your videos can get a leg up when associated with the popular related videos, suggested videos, and recommended videos.  Work your video marketing magic to try to appear in these lists as much as possible.

#2 Optimize Your Video Metadata and Video Thumbnail

We have said this over and over in our blogs because it is super important.  One piece that is often neglected is the video thumbnail.  Because it is also used in the all-important related videos and other video lists it is absolutely crucial because it can pull more viewers.  The title is next because with the right keyword and a good punchline, the title which is also shown in the related videos is also super important.  Also important is the video description and here you must pull out the SEO stops for this description.  But there are other suggestions we can offer.  Try to mix some similar descriptions to the similar videos in your own video portfolio.  Also important to add just a bit more consistency is adding a few lines from your video channel description to tie your videos together with a common theme.

One great technique to get more response is to curate content from popular videos related to your videos.  Then, without copying them, create new videos that matches it along with changing the all-important video title, video thumbnail, and video description.  Just remember that using services like allow you to quickly piece together a video and publish it at zero or very little cost to you.

Video Marketing Tool: You Tube Related Video

#3 Watch Time is Affected by Related Videos and Can Increase Your Rankings

Video marketing needs to take advantage of every little opportunity to increase your video rankings. If your video is sticky and it leads viewers to watch it and then choose from the related videos, the entire time the person spends following videos in your related list is attributed to you and this can lead to increasing your watch time and thereby increase your rankings.  So aim to make your video sticky and keep viewers connected in YouTube to improve your rankings and how high your video appears in the lists.  Video marketing sometimes is about things we have to work very hard to achieve.  Things which are sometimes not completely under our control; but every detail counts and makes paying attention well worth it.

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