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Professionally produced animated videos are super expensive and used to cost as much or more than $20,000, some still do.  Even with prices coming down it is hard to make an animated video using a professional for less than about $4500.  Making an animated video is super expensive, time consuming, and hard.  However, with Raw Shorts anyone can make an animated video with ease, in record time compared to professionally produced videos, and for free or as little as $8 per video.

What makes Raw Shorts so great?  Well it allows you to use skills you likely already have to create the videos.  If you know how to use MS Word and particularly if you know how to use MS PowePoint you can use Raw Shorts.  It really is that easy.  You setup each frame containing a key point and Raw Shorts will animate it for you automatically when you finish.  So select your image or images, select your text and put it all together using great video effects and transitions.  That is all.  Throughout the process you can view the work you have done and adjust it at any time.  Making an animated video has never been easier, faster, and extremely affordable!

Whether you are making a marketing video, an educational video, a blog video, an explainer video, or startup video, Raw Shorts can accommodate to your needs.  First there are scores of readymade animated video templates designed for a variety of industries. If you do not find the right template for you, simply use the presentation you created already and animate it; or start from scratch using the 1000s of images, animated images, backgrounds, and animated backgrounds that you can use for free on Raw Shorts.  For just a little upgrade you can also use great premium images. Making an animated video with all of these tools and with a simple easy to use interface similar to tools you likely use on a daily basis cannot be easier.

One of the problems of professionally produced videos is that you must impart the information to the video maker.   With Raw Shorts, since you know what you want to say perfectly, you save a great deal of time since you can simply start creating right away. To make an animated video you simply put what is on your head directly in Raw Shorts and they will automatically animate your content into a professional quality video.  Of course it is best if you write the script and plan the video first, but you can make an animated video without much planning and try concepts on the fly.  Since you see what you have created as you are creating it, the process allows you to change your concept around quite quickly until you get it right.

Even if you still wanted to use a professional video producer to make an animated video for you, using Raw Shorts to explain the concept to them will make your communication much clearer and it may save you time since they will likely understand what you need much better.  With the concept well developed already you are less likely to get a shocking surprise once the professional producer completes the video for you since you have laid down a great basis for what is expected.  If you are looking to make an animated video, Raw Shorts can help you in so many ways and since the video you produce is free there is nothing to stop you from creating all of your videos with it.
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Author Antonio Otalvaro

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