As you have probably guessed by now,  marketing and/or running a business is more than projections, sales, and metrics.

A modern business does more than sell products, they create an experience that can reach the soul of customers and evoke strong emotions. Whether it’s an ad, video, blog post, or a newsletter, it’s vital to create visually appealing campaigns that will drive people to your business and get them talking.

Whether you have the budget to hire one of these agencies or designers, or are simply seeking creative inspiration, you should follow these accounts on Instagram to keep up with the latest creative trends and emulate their work.

The Complete List of Instagram Accounts

Follow These Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration 

Pantone — Learn Everything About Color

When it comes to colors, Pantone has all the information and inspiration you’ll ever need. They are the global authority for color communication and inspiration.

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Pantone Os! ? via @lucialitman

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Whether you want to see the color of the year or are interested in learning about how colors make people feel, Pantone has the content to inspire you.

Pentagram — Design, Fonts, Brand Identity, and More

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. When it comes to building out a brand identity or creating fonts, Pentagram is king. Their incredible work has been used by reputable companies across the globe, and now you can check them out for your company’s inspiration.

Ueno. — Design for Digital Products and Brands

Ueno is a full-service agency that has worked with elite tech startups. They do just about everything, from illustrations, photography, videos, postcards and experiential marketing.

Behance — A Community For Creatives

Behance’s user base consists of illustrators and creatives from across the globe that are looking to share the work.  If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, check out their site and follow a couple of artists that are publishing their work.


dribble — Where Designers go to Share the Work

dribbble’s Instagram consists of their user’s work. Their site also gives you the ability to hire a designer for different projects.

Muzli — Strictly for Design Inspiration

Chances are that your favorite designer gets inspiration from the Muzli chrome extension app, and now you can do the same. Their Instagram consists of their user’s artwork.

Envato — Photos and Graphics from around the world

Envato has the top digital assets and services for designers and entrepreneurs across the globe.  Check out their Instagram to see some of the unique photos, graphics, and more.

Milkshake — Creative Photos and Graphics

Filled with vibrant colors and unique images, Milkshake’s Instagram definitely pops out. Their app helps users create free Instagram websites from their phone, and judging them off their Instagram, they look like they’re on to something.

dschwen — Brilliant Minimalist Designs

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; dschwen proves this by keeping minimal designs that make people think. Their Instagram is filled with simple ads and graphics stand out.

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? – #hairinfoodseries #dschwen #dschwenllc

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D&AD — Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Design and Art Direction was made to inform, educate, and inspire those who work in and around the creative industries. They use design and art to tackle controversial topics and are unapologetic about it.

Creative Review —  Round-Up of Creative Work

Advertising, photography, film, design, music, and fashion. Creative Review shows readers how creativity and design are changing the world.

Ogilvy —  Creativity for Big Brands

Ogilvy is an award-winning creative network. They have worked with some of the world’s largest brands to create experiences that transcend marketing and evoke emotion. Their Instagram has a lot of eye-popping images that get people talking.

The Design Tip —  A Daily Dose of Design Inspiration

Design Tip is an Instagram account that posts images from up-and-coming designers and artists. By following this account you’ll be able to get inspiration from artists across the globe daily.

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By @chapornea | #TheDesignTip

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Droga5 —  An award-winning creative agency

Droga makes it a point to create purposeful work that works for different audiences and businesses. Chances are you’ve seen some of their advertisements across the web or on billboards.

The Design Kids —  Up-and-Coming Designers

TDK is bridging the gap between studying and working in design.  They have tons of resources and bootcamps offered throughout their site. As far as their Instagram goes, they make sure to post amazing content from different artists.

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We're giving some extra LOVE to TDK VANCOUVER this week! We're hitting the Insta stalking hard to find some new local creatives to feature⁣?? ⠀ We've been checking out Vancouver-based Argentinian illustrator & animator @sebacuri. We adore his colorful characters, strong lines, big shapes, and simple color palettes. We especially love this peanut butter and banana sandwich for the new @outdoorvoices store in Nashville?? ⠀ P.S. — We're hiring! ?‍♂️We’re currently looking for a TDK Vancouver City Host to help curate website content and run our monthly global design meet-up, #TDKtuesdays. Follow the link in bio for all things Vancouver on the site!

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Juxtapoz Mag —  Art & Culture Magazine

Juxtapoz Magazine is where the art community goes for their news. Their Instagram features a lot of different works from a plethora of artists, both new and old.


72 and Sunny—  Creative Ad Agency

A full-service advertising company that helps brands reach new audiences. They believe that “unignorable creativity” is the most powerful force in business. Chances are you’ve seen their commercials in the Super Bowl or watching T.V.

New Yorker Art — Artwork From One Of The Most Popular Magazines in the U.S.

The New Yorker is known for its controversial covers, but if there’s one thing that’s certain is that they always pack meaningful messages within their work. Their Instagram feed showcases all of their artist’s best work.

UI Design Patterns — Get Your UI/UX Inspiration Here

Need ideas for the design of your product or app? Go to this Instagram page to see how other successful companies are designing their website. Who knows, maybe you can apply something you see here on your site.

Huge —  Best Marketing Agency in Brooklyn

Huge is an experience design and digital marketing agency that provides strategy, marketing, and design services to Fortune 100 companies. They are considered one of the best agencies in New York and have worked with companies like IKEA, Reuters, Pepsi, and Target.

Their Instagram showcases some of the projects that they work on, along with stunning images that showcase their bold design choices.

Adobe —  More Than Their Amazing Products

Adobe’s Creative Cloud services are widely considered to be the best in the business.  You’ve probably heard of After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign — well, they use their Instagram to showcase a lot the creative work built on Adobe.

Social Chain — Social to Grow Your Business

Social chain is a global social media marketing agency that works with brands to transform their social media experience. Their Instagram has a lot of inspirational quotes and unique graphics that help viewers understand how social can boost a company’s brand.

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In one internet minute, there are one million logins on Facebook, 347K users scrolling Instagram, 2.1 million Snaps created, 87K users tweeting and 41.6 million messages sent. Social media marketers have become distracted by frequency, scrambling to keep up by obeying generic posting rules for BAU content, or business as usual. Post on Twitter five times daily. Post on Facebook three times daily. Post on Instagram three times weekly. But why? These are guidelines, not gospel. 16-24 year olds are suffering from an overload of content, which means your content has no choice but to get their attention. That means giving purpose to everything you post—something you won’t achieve if you’re focused on hitting made up output targets. BAU is resource heavy, has no business objective and frequency has no impact on algorithms. So would you rather put out five posts a day for the sake of it or create one piece of content every week or every two weeks which actually makes an impact?

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Grey — Sometimes You Don’t Need Color

Grey is an advertising agency that works with Fortune 500 brands to create powerful ads. Their Instagram is unique, as they post images and graphics stripped of their color.

Netguru— How To Create Beautiful Products

Netguru is a software development company that uses all the latest technology to build out beautiful apps. Their Instagram consists of beautiful photos from across the world, UI/UX best practices and illustrations.

Baugasm— Break Out of The Norm

Baugasm / Vasjen Katro use Instagram to show unique visuals that seem like they’re from the year 3000.  Baugasm is able to use their designs on posters, prints, gadgets, and more.

OutCrowd — Supermodernist Design

Outcrowd prides itself on creating unique web and mobile projects that are modern and visually appealing. Their Instagram showcases their work on websites, mobile apps, and have plenty of illustrations to inspire.

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Landing Page – Couch Hey guys, do you like traveling? Just try to remember how many times in your life you wanted to start off for a trip to a new amazing country, however, you had no soulmate and had to cancel the trip due to this reason? Couch is a solution! We’ve designed a landing page which offers a service of finding a perfect match for your next trip abroad. Hey girl, not you just need to make a few clicks to find a friend whom you can spend wonderful time doing hiking somewhere in Norway or flying over Cappadocia in the hot air balloon. Do you like this fresh design? Let us know! We’re also interested what are your dream countries 🙂 View on dribbble – Want to say hi?  Drop us a few lines at  Or be a part of our community at:  Twitter - #webdesign 
#ui #ux #dribbble #behance  #designgraphic #uidesign #userinterface #inspiration #interface #appdesign #appdesigner  #animation #digital #graphicdesignuiweb #app #graphicdesign#creative #webdesigner #userexperience #startup #uxui #designer #design #ukraine #uitrends #dribbblers #gifux #gifux #gifux #gui

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Best Illustrator & Designers on Instagram 

Michele Rosenthal — Illustrator

Michele is a talented illustrator based out of Brooklyn. Her illustrations are used by software companies and even the city of NYC.  On her free time, she runs Queer Portraits in History, where she showcases historical queer figures.

Jessica Walsh — Co-Founder of Sagmeister & Walsch

A genius American graphic designer, art director, and illustrator. Aside from being the co-founder of Sagmeister & Walsh, she is the founder of Ladies, Wine & Design and Let’s Talk About Mental Health. Her Instagram is filled with stunning photos and graphics.

Sofia Varano — Illustrator

Sofia is an award-winning illustrator based out of Australia. She uses her Instagram to showcase her brilliant and colorful work. She helps companies both large and small add life to their content.

Ashwin Kandan — Creative Designer & Illustrator

Ashwin uses a lot of bright colors and juxtaposition to evoke emotion.
Follow this Instagram to see a wide spectrum of color and powerful images.

Razvan Vezeteu — Designer

Beautiful, minimalist graphics. Razvan is one of the top designers on Dribbble he uses a lot of vibrant colors and uses keeps his images simple and clean.

Stefan Sagmeister — Designer at Sagmeister & Walsh

The other half of Sagmeister & Walsh, Stefan, is a NY-based designer that uses Instagram to promote all types of creative content, from photos, images, illustrations, and animations. His pieces are simple, beautiful, and are pleasing to the eye.

Yukai Du — Illustrator & Animator

Yukai can do it all. Animations, illustrations, gifs, and more. Her Instagram consists of beautiful images and animations that take you to another world. If you’d like to see more of her work, I suggest visiting her website.

Helen Li — Illustrator & Tattooer

Helen Li, also goes by Helen of Koi, uses her Instagram to showcase her lovely tattoo skills. Not thinking of getting a tattoo any time soon? Helen posts her thought-provoking, colorful, and lively images.

Tyler Spangler —  Designer & Art School Dropout

If you want to see a mix of beautiful typography and bright colors, you’ve come to the right place. Tyler creates breathtaking visual images with strong, bold typography.

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Buy prints ? link in bio

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Abbey Lossing — Illustrator

Abbey is a Brooklyn-based illustrator that is capable of creating eye-catching images without having to use extremely bright colors. Her pieces are lively and have a lot of character.


Petra Eriksson — Illustrator

Petra is a Spanish illustrator that creates colorful images with a lot of life to them.  Her work has been used Refinery 29, New Yorker, New York Times, and Vice. She creates powerful, thoughtful pieces on her Instagram.

Anna Parini  — Illustrator

Want to see powerful images? Go through Anna Parini’s webpage or Instagram — as they are filled with pieces that complement thought-provoking articles. Her pieces are minimal, powerful, and help shed light on the issues that we face in society.

Christoph Niemann — Visual Storyteller

If you’ve seen Netflix’s documentary “Abstract: The Art of Design” you’ve probably seen Christoph’s work.  He is constantly featured in the New Yorker, has done work for the MoMA, WIRED, Lego, and the New York Times. Go through his Instagram to find some unique, abstract pieces that will hopefully inspire you to come up with abstract pieces on your own.

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Museu de Arte, São Paulo. #saopaulo #brasil

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Jean Jullien — Artist

Jean Jullien is a Paris-based graphic artist. He uses his Instagram to display his work. He has a mix of beautiful landscape pieces, patterns, minimalist images, and pictures. Check out his page for inspiration.

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Magda Ksiezak — Illustrator & Designer

Magda is a freelance creative based in Australia. Her work is both colorful and unique — some of her best work are paper crafts that are full of life and will hopefully inspire you to do something new with paper.

Amy Blackwell — Artist, Doodler, Hufflepuff

Amy is an artist based out of the UK.  Her portfolio consists of outstanding portraits of different figures. There’s a lot of life to her drawings and you can see it displayed throughout her Instagram profile.

Mike Perry — Artist & Explorer

Mike Perry’s portfolio consists of a wide range of different projects that showcase his eclectic skill set. His use of bright colors and patterns prove that he’s a creative in every sense of the word.

Rachel Ryle — Illustrator, Animator, and Storyteller

Rachel is a self-taught artist who uses her time to come up with crafts and creations that are both minimal and beautiful.  Her Instagram has hundreds of unique videos that show off her talent.

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This #throwback animation is my tribute to Banksy & his epic visit to New York! Almost 2 years ago Banksy spent a full month creating art & excitement around the city. Every day he would make something new on the walls of New York & hundreds would search the streets to find his hidden work. It was brilliant & inspiring to watch. In this animation I feature his clever creation, "Graffiti Is A Crime". It was the 1st piece that he created out of 31 total, and personally is one of my favorites! Banksy – whoever & where ever you are, I want you to know that you inspire me! #stopmotion #animation #art #drawing #spraypaint #graffiti #graffitiart #banksyny #banksy #nyc #ny #newyork #tbt #throwbackthursday

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Luke Choice — Velvet Spectrum

A designer that covers illustration, typography, and animation. His mind-bending animations separate him from other designers, and he does a magnificent job of incorporating bright colors with company logos and text.

What other designers and illustrators inspire you?

Marketing is very much a creative profession that mixes in business with art. Do you have any recommendations of creatives on the web that have inspired your marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments below.

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