What if I told you that you could learn more from scrolling on the internet than in a classroom? Thanks to the internet, specifically, Twitter, you can get videos, blogs, and other tips that’ll help you get better traffic and revenue.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the thought leaders in the digital marketing space that will help you learn more about marketing, growth, and entrepreneurship.  You may want to follow their blogs and companies as well, as they get more in-depth about their findings and research.

Don’t Have Time To Read The Full Post? Here’s The List:

15 of the Best Marketers to Follow on Twitter 

1) Rand Fishkin — CEO & Co-Founder of Moz. Founder of SparkToro

Rand is the founder of Moz, one of the best SEO softwares on the market. He was able to create a platform and community that helps businesses of all sizes improve their SEO efforts.

Be sure to give him a follow, and you’ll definitely learn a thing or two. If not, check out his Whiteboard Friday videos on Moz, they cover a lot of technical SEO topics and put it in layman’s terms.

2) Neil Patel — Co-Founder of CrazyEgg & Neil Patel Digital

Neil has worked with 100s of companies and has even done consulting work for the White House. He uses his twitter accounts to promote his new blogs, podcasts, and videos. If you need any advice on content marketing, he probably has a blog on it.

Give his website a look too. He’s a reliable source that will help your site get more traffic.

3) Pam Moore — CEO of The Marketing Nutz

Pam is a complete t-shaped marketer; she provides a lot of knowledge and insights on social media for businesses, omnichannel marketing, and brand storytelling. She spends her time consulting and giving keynote speeches, so be on the lookout; she might be in your city soon.

4) Britney Muller —Senior SEO Scientist at Moz

The future is here! Britney has hit the ground running at Moz. In just a few years, she’s become the new face of Moz, preparing and starring in Whiteboard Friday presentations and re-writing the “Beginner’s Guide to SEO” which is the go-to guide for all things SEO.

She’s pretty responsive, so if you ever have a question about Search Engine Marketing, shoot her a tweet.

5) AJ Ghergich — Content Marketing Expert

AJ Shares articles, guides, and studies around content marketing. He runs his consultancy, but that doesn’t stop him from posting about all thing different content marketing tactics that marketers can use to drive new visitors.

6) Larry Kim — CEO of Mobile Monkey & Founder of Wordstream

Larry is one of the most eccentric marketers out there. He posts a lot of useful content about chatbots, marketing stats, and social media marketing. His goal is to make everyone a marketing “unicorn” and help every business thrive.

7) Seth Godin — Author, Blogger, and Marketer

Seth Godin’s blog (and books) are where a lot of CMOs go for inspiration. For years he has been teaching companies to become “Purple Cows” — long story short, he has been advising companies on how to be unique and stand out with their marketing initiatives.

Here’s a quick video about becoming your industry’s outlier:


8) Kim Garst — Online Marketing Guru

Kim provides info that helps entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses with social and digital media. Following her account will give you the tips needed to finally master social media and digital media ads.

9) Jeff Bullas — Biggest Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers

Jeff Bullas blog is where Marketing Directors and CMOs go to learn about current marketing trends. If you’re a marketer for a b2b service that’s looking to keep up with the latest marketing, you may want to give his twitter a follow.

He just released an e-book about 101+ tactics that’ll boost web traffic. If you’re looking for some more tips here’s a recent tweet of his:

10) Dharmesh Shah — Founder/CTO of Hubspot

Hubspot is probably the most influential content marketing blog and marketing automation service that’s out in the market. Dharmesh & Brian Halligan were the brains behind the machine.

Dharmesh often posts stories around entrepreneurship and content marketing, and he is now advising startups grow via his blog, OnStartups. 

11) Peter Shankman — Founder of HARO & Nasa Advisor

Peter founded HARO, where journalists go to get sources about a particular topic. His twitter announces his latest podcasts and a couple of marketing tips.

12) Guy Kawasaki — Author, Marketing Specialist, Evangelist, and Keynote Speaker.

Kawasaki is best known for predicting  Steve Jobs return to Apple; he’s re-emerged to become a cult-like figure for millennials. As an evangelist, author, and speaker, he provides valuable insights to help companies boost their marketing initiatives.

Right now, he is the product evangelist for Canva, the most straightforward online design tool out in the market.

13) Sarah Evans — Digital Marketing Consultant & Correspondent

Sarah is another eccentric marketer that has worked with a wide array of companies. SAP, Paypal, Cox, Adobe, and more. She has been featured on CNN and Forbes as a digital correspondent — not too shabby.


14) Jason Fried — Founder & CEO of Basecamp. Author.

Jason Fried is a successful startup founder that was able to grow a company by focusing on content marketing. The Basecamp Blog, Signal V. Noise is widely regarded as one of the best overall blogs on the web — with posts about design, management, and marketing.

He’s also penned ReWork, an excellent book (with amazing graphics) that includes insights and tips to change how we work.

“Ignore this book at your own peril.”

-Seth Godin, Referencing ReWork

15) Amy Porterfield —  Online Marketing Expert. Podcaster.

Amy is a prolific marketer that focuses on finding ways to monetize online marketing efforts and improving social media metrics. She is now working on her podcast, “online marketing made easy” where she’s teaching entrepreneurs everything about digital marketing.

15 of the Best Marketing Company Accounts to Follow on Twitter

1) Search Engine Land — Search Engine Marketing Blog

Has news on Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing. They are constantly posting new articles about the latest advancements from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Youtube.

Keep in mind that search engine traffic, is “free,” so you might want to learn a bit more about it to get more traffic on your website.

2) Hubspot — Inbound Marketing Software

Hubspot’s blog and content is focused on every component of the inbound marketing lifecycle. They cover marketing, sales, and customer success, and discuss new innovative ways to gain traffic — like video!

It’s also worth mentioning that we have a seamless integration with Hubspot, so you can post your videos and send them out via Hubspot.

New Integrations: Hubspot, Vimeo, Box and More!

3) Content Marketing Institute— Content Marketing Blog

CMI is solely focused on content marketing. They provide online education, print, and in-person events.

If you ever find yourself asking What Is Content Marketing? You could visit their site or go through their Twitter to find all the details that you’ll need need to start getting that free traffic that comes in through content.

4) Unbounce — Landing Page Builder

Unbounce is a thought-leader in the Landing Page and Conversion Optimization space. If your site or ads have been struggling with low conversion rates, just follow the best practices from the Unbounce twitter account or blog.

5) SproutSocial — Social Media Management Tool

Sproutsocial has been around for nearly a decade. Their tool has allowed small businesses and enterprises to manage their social media accounts. Their twitter handle is filled up with a lot of interesting content that will help you improve your social media efforts.

6) Grammarly — Social Media Management Tool

Grammarly is an automated grammar checker that is able to help you get rid of typos and mistakes in your text. Whether it’s an e-mail, a blog, or even a social media post, running your post through Grammarly will help your writing.

Their twitter content consists of blogs about writing, management, and tips on how to write perfect blogs.

7) BuzzSumo — Content Analysis Tool

Buzzsumo helps users create and amplify content. They post a lot of content around marketing and content trends and provides useful information to manage your social media account, reach out to influencers, and select the right tool to succeed.

8) Think With Google — Marketing Research & Insights Blog

If you aren’t subscribed to “Think With Google” stop what you’re doing add them on Twitter, then go to their website and subscribe to their newsletter.

Google is (obviously) the most important search engine tool in the market. They do a great job of providing marketers with data, based off of their findings, that help marketers plan for the future of marketing.

9) AdHawk — Digital Advertising Automation Tool

Need to know about digital advertising? Go to AdHawk’s twitter account to get valuable insights and get the most out of your PPC strategy.

On a somewhat related note: AdHawk just acquired FloorForce to bring digital automation to the flooring industry. Though some call it an unorthodox acquisition, they are proving that they have the right formula to help a company in any industry grow.

10) SEJournal — Search Engine Marketing Blog

Like Moz and Search Engine Land, SEJournal is an SEO blog that provides the latest search news, guides, and how to’s for the SEO and marketer community.

It’s the search engine journal “for SEOs by SEOs” so once you have a good grasp on content marketing and blogging, this might be a great follow that’ll help you maximize your SEO efforts.

11) Digiday — Digital Media and Marketing Journal

Their Twitter bio sums it up perfectly “Authority, insight and honesty on digital media and marketing.” They have been around since 2008 and are already one of the most respected brands/journals.

Scroll through their feed to gain some inspiration to see what some of the most reputable companies are doing to promote their business.

12) SEMRush— Online Visibility Platform

SEMRush’s goal is to make you a “digital marketing rock star” and, to be honest, if you follow their advice you probably can. They provide tips on how to best market your business throughout the web.

They host a weekly chat where you can connect with marketing influencers and ask them for advice. You can join by looking up the hashtag “#SEMRushChat”

13) Ahrefs— SEO Tools Blog

With Ahrefs you can audit your website, explore competitors, research keywords & backlinks – all in one place. Their service is powered by seriously big data & trusted by top SEOs.
Their feed consist of useful content for the best ways to improve your SEO and content strategy.

14) Buffer —Social Media Management Tool

You can use Buffer to build your audience and grow your brand on social media. Plan and schedule thumb-stopping content that drives meaningful engagement and growth for your business.

Their feed has company announcements, tips on how to boost your social media presence, and a couple of non-sequitur posts about interesting topics … like my personal favorite, the psychology of colors for marketing.

15) HootSuite — Social Media Planner

Hootsuite is a brilliant social media planning tool that uses content to educate entrepreneurs on how to start their social media ads and posts.

Follow their recommendations to improve your social strategy and get the most out of your social ad spends.


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